Curious about home Hair Colouring? We’ve got answers to your questions

Our simple to use home Hair Colour products are backed by easy to understand product support pages.

We’ve spent the last 12 months making small (and big) improvements to My Hairdresser Online with a clear philosophy: simple to use home Hair Colour products backed by easy to understand product support pages. Because we get it — it can be overwhelming when you’re trying to figure this whole Hair Colouring thing out.

So it seemed glaringly obvious to us that for those of you that don’t know us and those of you that know us well, now was a perfect time to reintroduce ourselves to you and tell you a bit about us and what drives us. Hopefully, it’s something you can relate to as well.

Of course, we thought we’d take this opportunity, as we’re already doing introductions, to re-introduce you to our Colour Remover, Hair Colour and Developer range and the philosophy behind these products that are designed completely with you in mind.

But we don’t want to just stop there. There is a world of information on My Hairdresser Online to support your Hair dreams and even though it would be impossible to cover them all at once, we want to highlight the most popular pages and some new support page additions we’re excited to show you.

Now let’s get started.

There are few details as important to Hair Colouring as your Hair history, it holds all your Hair secrets and we can’t stress the importance of declaring your baggage before Colour and Colour Removing. For example, did you know you can not Lighten Hair that is already Coloured with a Darker Permanent, Henna or Darker Semi Permanent Hair Colour? When you think you’re all brushed up, go through the pre Colour checklist before going any further.

Now onto the actual act of Colouring your Hair. Mastering how to Lighten your Natural or Coloured Hair has now gotten easier to understand with this step by step guide while ensuring you achieve a smooth, even Dark Colour has become even more straightforward, even for those who have extra Light Coloured Hair.

Psst. Do you want to be let in on an insider tip? A clean and successful application is down to two factors — 1. Parting your Hair into 4 sections 2. Using either a Tint Bowl and Brush or Applicator Bottle to tidily apply it.

And when you’re ready for maintenance, remember that your Colour only needs to be applied to your Regrowth otherwise you’ll load your Hair up with Banding and Build Up. If you’re rocking a vibrant Shade the Colour Top Up Technique will keep your Colour fresh. But don’t forget Toning. We’ve also added a new support page showing you the other Hair Colour Shades you can Tone with, to give you more control over your reflect Tone.

Are you curious whether or not you need to use Colour Remover? This checklist will answer your questions about what Colour Remover is capable of and can do for your Hair and what to expect after you’ve Colour Removed.

Have you ever wondered about other My Hairdresser users? My Hairdresser In Real Life profiles 9 home Colourer’s who have shared their real life Colouring experiences including how they did their Hair and some advice they want to pay forward.

But the million dollar question — how do I choose a Hair Colour to suit my skin tone? Here’s how to make sure you’re choosing the best Hair Colour for you and if you need help finding the Colour Shade you’re describing, this will help you.

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