How To Tone With A Hair Colour

You can use an Ash, Beige or Silver Hair Colour with a No Lift Developer to Tone depending on the strength you need to Tone.

Who Can Tone?

Anyone who struggles with Warmth and is trying to maintain a Cool or Natural Hair Colour can Tone their Hair. Toning is more common for Blondes, but it is useful for Dark Blondes or Brunettes that are too Warm or Golden.

What Hair Colours can I use to Tone?

Use Hair Colours with Cool pigments such as Ash, Beige or Silver that are the same Lightness or Lighter than the Hair Colour you are Toning.

Each Cool Hair Colour has a different Toning strength, Ash and Silver Hair Colours will give you the strongest Tone.

An Ash Hair Colour will give you a strong, sleek Ash Tone.

A Silver Hair Colour will give you a strong, glassy Silver Tone.

A Beige Hair Colour will give you a softer, creamier Tone.

Mix With a No Lift Developer.

When you're Toning you need to smooth out your Hair Colour and not Lighten it, so a No Lift Developer is the only Developer for the job.

You will need


Mixing Ratios

If you have thick or long Hair, double the mixture amount.
If you have very short Hair, halve the mixing amount.

Mix equal Parts No Lift Developer and your Cool Hair Colour in your Tint Bowl until a smooth and creamy paste is achieved.

The Process

Step 1: Apply To Dry Hair

Starting at the Regrowth area, apply the Toning mixture through to the ends of the Hair. Massage mixture through the Hair to ensure even coverage.

Step 2: Developing Time

Leave mixture on Hair and check every 5 minutes until you reach the desired Colour.

Do not exceed 20 Minutes.

Step 3: Rinse Your Hair

Once you have reached your desired Colour, rinse the Hair and shampoo the Hair vigorously.

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