3 Stunning Hair Colour Transitions to a Darker Shade

These stunning Colour transformations show going Darker is for all Hair Colour types.

“I’m going Darker” is a phrase relative to the person saying it. Take our office as an example. If I were to send a questionnaire to the people sitting closest to me right now, asking them what Hair Colour they would become when Colouring just 1 Shade darker, it would return reading Dark Blonde, Black and Light Brown. And that doesn’t even mention added reflects and hues.

Each Hair Colour journey is unique to each individual head so we’ve profiled 3 stunning Hair Colour transformations that include both Blonde and Brunettes, transitioning to a Darker Shade. Hopefully, you will find one that inspires you.

Journey #1 — Low maintenance, luscious locks

“After becoming flat and dull with grown-out roots, my Blonde was revived by Colouring with a low-maintenance Bronde style. I started at my regrowth, Colouring with 6.2 Dark Beige Blonde to give me an easy Dark base that I was looking for. While doing this, I ensured that I tapered my Colour with my tint brush to make sure my Regrowth wasn’t harsh or bulky. Because my ends were already lightened I didn’t need to do too much work. I used 8.2 Light Beige Blonde with No Lift Developer that I combed through for a smooth, creamy tone.”

Hair Colours I used:

6.2 Dark Beige Blonde mixed with 20 Volume Developer
8.2 Light Beige Blonde mixed with No Lift Developer

Journey #2 — Smooth Blonde shine

“I didn’t feel like my Hair Colour suited me anymore and it became incredibly obvious to me that I was craving a Darker Shade. So before my Colour started looking sad, I made the decision to Colour over my highlights after reading this article. I wanted a simple, single shade, making it easy to choose my Hair Colour. I am naturally brassy, so I used a 6.2 Dark Beige Blonde and 20 Volume Developer to cover my greys and keep my warmth under wraps and give me an all-over, velvety tone.”

Hair Colours I used:

6.2 Dark Beige Blonde mixed with 20 Volume Developer

Journey #3 — Back to Brunette

“After spending a lot of time and effort up keeping my Blonde that couldn’t have been further from the Hair Colour I was born with, I decided to give it up and return to my roots. Before I started, I read up and found that I would need a Colour filler to avoid a greenish tinge or uneven Hair Colour.

Step 1: I applied my Colour filler over my lightened Hair. I chose 5.53 Chocolate Brown to get an extra dosage of pigment back into my Hair. I mixed that with No Lift Developer.
Step 2: I had a free weekend so I allowed a day for my Colour filler to settle in. Then I used 3 Dark Brown and a No Lift Developer, applied it all over my Hair and voila! I’m back baby!”

Hair Colours I used:

Colour filler: 5.53 Chocolate Brown with No Lift Developer
3 Dark Brown with No Lift Developer

Do you like these Colour journeys? Chat with us now to get the best advice on how you too can transition to a Darker Shade. Just make sure to mention this article.

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