Home Hair Colour. Salon results.

Italian made, Salon Quality Home Hair Colour to suit your Hair and Skin tone — delivered right to your door.

Smooth Operator

Target the nasty brassies using the Toner Kits super-powered Ash pigments with the strength and longevity to protect your Hair for longer. 

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How To Smoothly Transition From Blonde to Brunette

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Spring Essentials: The 7 Products To Revive Your Hair From The Winter Blues

Bring on Spring fever with these essentials — a combination of refreshers, Colour igniters and vibrancy creators to get your Hair in the mood.

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You Can Do It: How To Colour Your Greys At Home

We’ve outlined it all — the rules to stick to, Hair Colour Shades that will give you the best coverage and the easiest methods to cover them.

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I didn't think I could do my own Hair and then I spoke with a Colour Consultant. Now I am never looking back!


A Colour Remover that is Bleach AND damage free, that does what it says on the box. Seriously, this Product is incredible!!


My Hair feels and looks like I just left the salon. I've never seen it look so good!