Bleach Free. Damage Free. Drama Free.

Safely Remove Permanent Hair Colour.

Colour Remover's Bleach Free, Damage Free formula safely gets into the Hair shaft and sucks out the Permanent Hair Colour in 20 minutes, so it can just wash away.

Shift that Build Up.

Colour Remover isn’t just for the cleanups on aisle 3 — it’s an incredible maintenance tool for all Colourer’s and the battle against Colour Build Up. Colour Build Up looks like bright, vibrant Regrowth and dull, heavy ends. The solution to Colour Build Up? Colour Remover!

Cleans and conditions your Hair.

After Colour Removing your Hair feels lighter and softer because it is no longer being weighed down with old, heavy Hair Colour. Watch how your Hair shines and feel how silky your Hair is as you comb your fingers through it.

We're always with you.

Whether you're nervous, need help choosing your Products or want to talk to someone about your Hair situation — our Colour Consultants are here with you all the way. Or browse our range of Support Pages that will have the answers to your Colour Remover questions.

Colour Remover In Real Life

Remove your Colour.
Refresh your Hair.

Get the Bleach Free, Damage Free, Drama Free Permanent Hair Colour Remover delivered straight to your door.

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