Getting started

Are you a new Colour user or looking to Colour Remove? You'll find the first steps of your Hair transformation here.

What is the My Hairdresser difference?

Find out more about our Italian made Hair Colour Range and everything these Shades are capable of.

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Get To Know Colour Remover

Find out more about our Bleach Free, Damage Free, Drama Free Permanent Hair Colour Remover and what it can do for your Hair.

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How to choose your Hair Colour and Developer

We help you choose the best Developer for your Hair and Hair Colour Shade.

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How do I know if I need to Colour Remove?

A checklist of reasons of why your Hair needs Colour Remover.

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Which Colour best describes what I am looking for?

Find the name of that Hair Colour you want.

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How to Lighten your Hair

Let us help you Lighten your Hair, into the Colour you want.

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How to Colour your Hair Dark

How to Darken your Hair into a smooth, Hair Colour.

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What is Toning?

How to subdue with that annoying Brassy Warmth.

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What Do Hair Colour Numbers Mean?

If you've ever wondered why Hair Colours are measured by numbers, here's why.

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What Do The Numbers On A Hair Colour Sticker Mean?

How to decode all the numbers featured on a Colour Sticker.

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How To Choose the Hair Colour For Your Skin Tone

Make sure your Hair Colour is the best one for you.

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Let our Colour experts show you how

If you're looking for personalised advice about your Hair Colour, our dedicated Colour Consultants are here to help!

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