Hair Sectioning

Section your Hair before you begin Colour or Colour Removing for a cleaner, organised application and better, even coverage.

Before Sectioning, gently comb your Hair until it is tangle free.

Step 1

Comb back your Hair and with the tip of your Tint Brush or Wide Tooth Comb, create a part down the middle of your Hair starting at the front of your head down to your neck, creating two large main sections.

Step 2

Starting on the section of your choice, use the tip of your Tint Brush or Wide Tooth Comb to create a part from the top of your ear to your middle part, dividing the section into half.
Clip each half seperately. 
Repeat on the other section.

Step 3

Once your Hair is divided into 4 sections, you're ready to begin.

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