What Is Your Hair History?

Your Hair holds all your Colouring secrets so it is important that you declare your Hair baggage, otherwise you may come across issues during your next Colour or Colour Remover process.

Ask yourself these questions:

What Hair Colour is currently in your Hair?

This is the most important question to ask yourself. Why does it matter? It can stop your Colour or Colour Remover process from working. If your Hair is currently Coloured with a Darker Shade and your goal Hair Colour is Lighter, you will need to Colour Remover the Darker pigment first. Read more: Why Can't I Lighten my Hair?

If your Hair is Lightened and your goal Hair Colour is much Darker, you may need to use a Hair Colour filler to bring pigment back into your Hair for a smooth, even Hair Colour result. Read more: What is a Hair Colour Filler?

How long have you had this Hair Colour?

Try and calculate how long you’ve been using this Colour, while estimating how many applications you’ve put on your Hair.

What was your Hair Colour previous to that?

If possible, try and account for your last 18 months of Hair Colouring.

Could you have Colour Build Up?

After taking count of your Hair Colouring history for the last 18 months is it possible you could have Colour Build Up? Colour Build Up will stop your Colour or Colour Remover process from working as the Hair is so full with Product that it needs to be cleaned out with Colour Remover. Long time Colourers may need to do multiple applications of Colour Remover depending on the Hair Colour type and how long it has been in your Hair.

Do you have any Colour techniques in your Hair? (Example: Is your Hair bleached, Highlighted or ombre?)

Bleached, Highlighted or Ombre Hair will effect your Hair Colour outcome and it needs to be considered when planning your next Hair Colour.

Is your Hair Coloured with a Semi?

If so, please ensure it is fully washed out of your Hair before Colouring. Colour Remover will not remove Semi-Permanent Hair Colour.

Is your Hair Coloured with Henna?

If your Hair is Coloured with Henna, you’ll need to put your Colouring plans on hold until it has completely grown out.

Have you been using any Colouring shampoos, treatments or Toning products?

Treatments, Toning products, Colouring shampoos and conditioners as well as Colour Lock Products will affect your Colour or Colour Remover process. We recommend stopping using them a few weeks before Colour or Colour Removing.

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