Colour Build Up

What is Colour Build Up?

Multiple applications of Colour on top of Colour over time will leave you with Colour Build Up. Colour pigment fills the Hair shaft and eventually stops the Colour process from working, resulting in no change to your Hair Colour.

How do I know if I have Colour Build Up?

There are 4 key signs of Colour Build Up in the Hair:
Your Hair is dull and stripped of its shine and gloss.
Colour Build Up creates dry, coarse Hair Colour that even the most expensive treatment can’t fix.
Colour Build Up adds weight to the Hair shaft, making the Hair look and feel heavy and weighed down in Hair Colour.
Uneven Colour
Bright, fresh Regrowth and dull, heavy ends are a sign of Colour Build Up.

How do I remove Colour Build Up?

Colour Build Up can be removed by Colour Removing out the old pigment. When applying your Colour Remover mixture, ensure the Hair that has Build Up is well covered. Keep in mind you may need to do more than one application of Colour Remover to clear your Build Up out of the Hair.

Tip: Darker Hair Colours and larger amounts of Colour Build Up will take longer to remove.

How do I know if I have cleared out the Colour Build Up?

Do a Strand Test before your next Hair Colour. If there is no change to your Hair, there is still Colour Build Up to be removed.

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