How To Choose the Hair Colour For Your Skin Tone

There are two types of skin tones — Cool and Warm. It's easy to establish your skin tone by inspecting the inside of your wrist area where your veins are.

Hot Tip: You can be both skin tones, which means you suit all Hair Colours!

Cool Skin tone Characteristics

Veins in the wrist are Blue or Purple.
Skin has a Pink, Red or Blue tinge.
In the sun, skin looks Blue-ish.
Find Blue clothing is more flattering.

Warm Skin tone Characteristics

Veins in the wrist are Green or Olive.
Skin has a Yellow, Gold or peach tinge.
In the sun, skin looks Yellowish.
Red and Orange clothing is more flattering.

Cool Skin tones

Cool Skin tones need flat Hair Colours to enhance the complexion.
They do not need to rely on Colours with huge reflects and depth.

Cool Skin tones suit:

Ash, Beige, Cool Naturals, Burgundy, Violet, Mahogany or Blue Black Hair Colours.

Cool Skin tones should avoid:

Warm, Golden, Bronzed, Orange, Copper and Auburn Hair Colours.

Warm Skin tones

Warm Skin tones crave Depth and Warmth, and flourish with multi-dimensional Colours.
Reflect’s and strong hues are their best friend.

Warm Skin tones suit:

Strawberry Blondes, Golden, Bronzed and Copper hues. Rich Reds.

Warm Skin tones should avoid:

Cool Hair Colours, especially Ash or Silver Colours.

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