The Complete Guide to At Home Hair Colour Transformations

Blonde to Brunette, Brunette to Blonde, Brunette to Red, Red to Blonde. Whatever the Colour transformation, here’s everything you need to know.

What is the perfect reason to change your Hair Colour? A new season, a mood boost, a breakup — who cares! When a change is brewing, it's madness to not roll with it. Whether you're looking for a bold Colour statement, a major Colour transformation or a total overhaul, knowing the cornerstones of home Colouring ensures a smoother process and predictable outcome. Keep reading to find the Colour transformation suited to you.

How To: Blonde to Brunette

One of the most common Colour transformations can easily be derailed by a washed-out khaki tone. Big transitions from Light to Dark require a Colour filler to build the pigment back into your Hair that gets lost when lightening. If the Brunette you want to be is more than 3 shades darker than your current shade, a Colour filler is essential, applying it first to create a base for your Brunette shade to build off. Once your lightened Hair has been filled, it's Brunette time.

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How To: Blonde to Red

Reds thrive off a Blonde base, setting the scene for a lighter, brighter shade. So dive right in, having some fun with your shade. Colouring over a Cool or Toned Blonde? Wait for your Hair to warm up to avoid a murky Red shade. Use the Colour Top Up Technique to maintain your vibrancy and shine, refreshing your ends with Red gloss.

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How To: Red to Brunette

When transforming from Light to Dark, it's always a good idea to have a base enriched with Warmth, ensure to choose a Brunette darker than your current Red for an easy over the top application. If you can see your ends are Dark and dull, an application of Colour Remover will cleanse your Hair of build-up and give your next hue a fresh start. Amp up your Brunette with Chocolate Tones to maintain Warmth, neutralise leftover Red hues with a Natural or Cool shade.

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How To: Brunette to Blonde

The ultimate Colour transformation is not typically a one and done application, rather a series of worth-while processes to deliver perfection. Hair Coloured with a permanent Brunette shade? Your first step, Colour Removing until your Hair is cleansed of any dark pigment. Apply generously over Coloured Hair, relieving Hair of buildup over multiple applications if necessary.

After deep cleansing with Colour Remover, allow Hair to settle for 48 hours to a week before choosing a Hair Colour at least a shade or 2 lighter than your desired Colour. Act on potential brassiness leftover after successfully Colour Removing by choosing a cooling Ash or Beige shade to correct and soothe.

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How To: Red to Blonde

Reds are notoriously stubborn to move on from and will require a guiding hand from Colour Remover to help find the exit. If you are returning to Blonde, you will discover the journey back easier compared to Natural Brunettes — finding after Colour Removing, you may just need to Tone or progress onto your Blonde of choice. For you lucky ones, the Natural Redheads, simply choose the Blonde of your dreams and discover your Developer using this guide.

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