What is a Hair Colour Filler?

When Colouring your Hair from Light to Dark, your pre Lightened Hair Colour will absorb Colour differently compared to your Regrowth or Natural Hair Colour, surprising you with a khaki Green Brunette.

Using a Colour Filler in between your Light Colour and the Dark Colour you want to be, will build the pigment back into your Hair that was lost when Lightening, so the two Colours can connect and transform into one smooth, even Hair Colour.

How do I know if I need a Hair Colour filler?

When you are Colouring more than 3 shades Darker than your Lightened Hair.

Follow our formula:
Your pre Lightened Colour Number


Your goal Colour Number


The number of Shades you need to Darken your Hair.

For Example

If you are transitioning less than 3 Shades, you do not need a Colour Filler and can Colour normally.

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