5 Ways To Wear Beige

Discover a softer variation to Ash with creamier tones and a luminous pearly shine.

For a long time, Beige has been overlooked by Cool Colourers generally favouring Ash, and with those crisp, glassy hues why wouldn't you? Truth be told, Beige may be a Cool Colour, but it is nothing like its icier cousins.  

Every day we fall further in love with Beige's creamy tones. Its speciality is its subtleness, formulated with a sophisticated softness smoothing your Colour into a buttery Blonde. Beige is kinder on your complexion, filling Hair with a luminous pearly shine perfectly highlighting the beauty of Cool and neutral skin tones.  

And when Warmth is throwing out your Colours equilibrium, Beige sumptuous pigments gently counter brassiness without the icy intensity of an Ash or Silver, cooling your Colour with creamy, satin tones.  

Keep reading to find some serious Beige inspiration matched with My Hairdresser Beige Hair Colour Shades that you can try at home. 

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Bouncy Beige

Possibly our favourite Blonde blend with a unique Golden Beige combination that perfectly harmonises into a creamy sunkissed Blonde. This bouncy Beige has it all, sparkling creamy warm tones and that subtle satiny softness we love in Beige. 


My Hairdresser


Photo: Instagram @gabriellecaunesil

Dreamy Dark Beige

This could be the Brunette of your dreams. The fusion of Natural depth and silky Beige reflects are luminous. The effortless way the velvety-soft tones saturate Hair with glorious Brunette tones is like nothing else. Breathtaking.


My Hairdresser

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Buttery Beige

There is so much attracting us to this Colour. Its whipped butter tones, its velvety Blonde gloss. How it is as dreamy and creamy as a cloud. The softness that flows through to the ends, the way it sucks light in and shines shines shines. I. Just. Love. It.


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Delicately Dark Beige

For a unique Hair Colour look no further. Toeing the line between Dark Blonde and Brunette, aka the perfect amount of depth, you'll fall in love with the velvety hues and dimension it brings to your Colour. I don't know if it's the illuminating hues, dewy tones or low-key coolness that I love more. 


My Hairdresser
Dark Beige Blonde

Photo: Instagram @jamiknight_

Ultrasoft, Ultralight Beige

Show me a Hair Colour with more glamour — it's not possible. Just like a pearl picked fresh from the ocean or the dreamy clouds above them, these Platinum pearl tones are a thing of real beauty. Lusciously glossy, deliciously creamy and superbly soft, just divine. 


My Hairdresser
Extra Light Beige Blonde

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