3 Honey Blonde variations you need to try now

It's the classic Blonde who's richness is stolen straight from the honey pot.

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Honey Blonde is a classic, soft Blonde with sweet Natural hues and a richness stolen straight from the honey pot. It’s refreshingly simple and multi dimensional Colour Tones highlight the best in your Hair and complexion and unlike other alternative Blonde shades, the Honey Blonde is way more inclusive and adaptable to a variety of skin tones.

Who does Honey Blonde suit?

Honey Blondes soft classic hues suit most skin tones, but it particularly brings out the best in Warm skin undertones. So those of you with peachy, red complexions or Warm, olive skin are on to a winner with the Honey Blonde as it will nicely compliment your features.

Why choose Honey Blonde?

Colours like these bring the life back into your Hair and skin, emphasising the peachy hues in your cheeks and adding a Warm glow to your complexion. This makes Honey Blonde perfect to pump Warmth back into your Hair after being an Extra Light or Cool Blonde. Or if you have stubborn White/Grey Hairs, the Honey Blonde is made up of all the right ingredients to ensure great coverage.

How to make a Honey Blonde

The perfect Honey Blonde mix is a 50/50 ratio of Golden Blonde and a Natural Blonde. This basic formula makes it easy to adjust the Depth or Lightness of your Honey Blonde to suit your wants and skin tone for some serious variety. These are our 3 favourite Honey Blonde combinations.

Light Honey Blonde

If you want a Very Light Blonde with a nice dose of honey Warmth, try this mix.
Mixture: 1/2 x 9.3 Light Golden Blonde + 1/2 x 9 Very Light Blonde

Golden Honey Blonde

The Golden Honey Blonde is perfect when you're seeking the classic honey Tones, with a sandy Blonde edge.
Mixture: 1/2 x 9.3 Light Golden Blonde + 1/2 x 8 Light Blonde

Deep Honey Blonde

A richer, Darker Honey blonde mixture for those who prefer Depth over Lightness.
Mixture: 1/2 x 7.3 Golden Blonde + 1/2 x 8 Light Blonde

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