How To Smoothly Transition From Blonde to Brunette

How to swiftly transition to a darker shade and avoid an uneven, greenish Hair Colour.

If there is one thing we’ve learnt after all this time in hair care, it is that the overwhelming majority of us have always wanted to try a Hair Colour the exact opposite of the one we were blessed with. For me, variety is my kryptonite. I write about these Colours and then end up becoming them because I just can’t help myself — there are so many options out there, it seems silly to me not to try them.

And you agree! There are so many of you, writing to us daily looking for help to transition from a Blonde to Brunette, unsure if it is as easy as whacking your new Colour over your old one. And you’re right to be cautious. Making the switch is easy and so is checking you’re doing it the best way too. To save you another email, this guide below will give you all the tools for you to swiftly and smoothly make the transition with our Colour range.

First step: Work out how big your Colour transformation will be.

To start, work out how bigger transformation you will be doing. What I mean by this is, if you plan to Colour your Hair more than 3 Shades Darker than your current Colour — a Hair Colour Filler is needed to ensure that your current and new Colour connect and blend into one smooth Hair Colour. If your transition isn’t that great, you can simply apply your new shade. I should also add, if your Hair is Naturally light, as in without any Lightening products, a Colour Filler does not apply to you either.

To work out if you need to use a Colour Filler, use this formula:

Your pre Lightened Colour Number


Your goal Colour Number


The number of Shades you need to Darken your Hair.

I’m sure you’re wondering what a Hair Colour Filler is.

When you’re Colouring your Hair more than 3 shades darker, a Colour Filler bridges the gap between the two shades — pumping pigment back into your Hair, that may have been lost when your Hair was lightened. Applying your Colour Filler before your new Dark Shade creates a base for it to build off so the new pigment has something to grab onto. Without a Colour Filler, you will find your Hair Colour is uneven and has a Greenish tinge.

Choosing your Colour Filler is easy.

Because the Lightening process strips Warmth from your Hair, Warmth is exactly what we need to put back in. Choose a Golden or Chocolate Hair Colour that is 1-2 Shades Lighter than your goal Brunette and mix with a No Lift Developer.

My Hairdresser
Golden Brown
My Hairdresser
Golden Blonde
My Hairdresser
Chocolate Blonde

Apply Your Colour Filler To Your Lightened Hair only.

And avoid your Regrowth. Leave on your Hair to process as you would a normal Hair Colour and then wash out. Once your Hair is dry, you are ready to apply your new Colour to your whole head.

(Tip: You can apply your goal Colour the same day.)

Take a look at a Colour Filler Being Used In Real Life

Lauren was an almost Platinum Blonde, Lightening her Hair regularly with 10.2 Very Light Beige Blonde.
Her Goal Colour was to be a 5.53 Chocolate Blonde.
She used 7.3 Golden Blonde as her Colour Filler.

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