How To Copy Taylor Swifts Cool, Crystal Blonde

How to copy the girl with the hella good Hair.

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There’s an office full of fan girls over here buzzing about Taylor Swifts stadium tour they’ll be attending later this week. Call it what you want, we’re perfectly fine with being called obsessed. We love her major girl power moves, heart wrenching ballads and how she relates to the haters, heartbreakers, players, fakers that plague our lives too.

And while we’re going for the big stage antics and bedazzled outfits it’s her, are you ready for it?, signature girl-next-door Blonde we’ve got our eye on. We loved the short lived platinum power bob and the swooping side fringe phase, but her current grungy Blonde and red lip, classic is just the thing that we like.

We know these shades all too well, they are among our best sellers — low maintenance, smoke infused hues that never go out of style. I wish you would appreciate the simplicity of her Colour that sticks close to her Natural with added tinges of crystal Cool Tones.

So if you thought her celebrity budget meant this is why we can’t have nice things, you’d be mistaken. Use a mix of 1/2 x 7.1 Ash Blonde with 1/2 x 9.1 Light Ash Blonde to get Taylor's dewy, smouldering Blonde.


For you Cool complexion stunners with a Pink/Peach skinned hue this crisp, Ashy Hair Colour will instantly make your Blue/Green/Grey eyes pop and be your Hair Colour forever and always.

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