How To Colour After Colour Removing

So you’ve had a successful Colour Remover application and you’re ready to reColour your Hair. Colouring post Colour Removing is slightly different to normal and requires a few of the following adjustments.

Wait at least 48 hours before you Colour.

Or, if possible, try waiting a week before Colouring. Post Colour Removing your Hair is very porous so your Hair can soak up your new Hair Colour quickly, resulting in a lot Darker Hair Colour than expected.

Choose a Hair Colour 1-2 Shades Lighter.

Because your Hair is so porous after Colour Removing, it wants to soak up anything it can. This means Hair Colours will look Darker than normal so it is important to choose a Hair Colour 1-2 Shades Lighter than the Colour you want to be.

For example you would like to be a 7 Medium Blonde so you would choose a 9 Very Light Blonde. In the future you can go back to your original Hair Colour choice, in this case 7 Medium Blonde, for Regrowth touchups.

Choose a Hair Colour to allow for excess Warmth.

Your Hair will be Warmer after Colour Removing. If you usually choose a Warm Hair Colour, a Natural Hair Colour will embrace the added Warmth you’ve gained so you’ll have a nice Golden glow. If your Hair is too Warm a Cool Ash Hair Colour will soothe it down nicely.

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