Help! I’m An Un-Natural Blonde Now Colouring Myself

I’ve taken control of my Hair Colour — what do I do next?

It’s happened. After all these years of spending hours in the chair, forking out hundreds (even thousands) you’ve decided to take control of your Blonde. We don’t care what lead you to this decision, we’re just happy you’re here.

I bet now you’re wondering — what do I do next?

Great question! Get ready because you’re about to add a whole new arsenal of skills to your already overflowing bucket of talents by including home Colourer to the list. Let your Hair reap all the benefits of home Colouring pronto with our Step by Step guide for any new Blonde Home Colourer’s that will show you how to Colour your Hair, everything you need to maintain your Blonde and even how to extend times between salon visits.

The Basics

A successful Blonde result depends on two parts — your Hair Colour and Developer. Your Hair Colour determines your Colour hue, your Developer determines your Hair Colours lightness. We will show you how to choose both.

Step 1: Choose your Blonde Shade

Our Blonde Range is made up of 4 types of Blondes, each with distinct personalities ranging from Dark to Extra Light.

Natural Blondes are pure Blonde Hair Colours with no added reflect that range from Dark to Very Light.

My Hairdresser
Dark Blonde
My Hairdresser
Light Blonde
My Hairdresser
Light Blonde

Cool Blondes include Ash, Beige or Silver Shades with varying Cooling strengths. Ash Blondes have a smokey appearance, Beige Blondes are much creamier while Silver Blondes have a crisp, diamond shine. Cool Blondes are suited to anyone who struggles with Warmth or like their Blondes with a Cool reflect.

My Hairdresser
Ash Blonde
My Hairdresser
Light Ash Blonde

Warm Blondes include Golden, Copper or Chocolate Shades. Golden Blondes have soft, sun-kissed glowing hues, Coppers Golden Red tones pile on the vibrancy while Chocolate Blondes bronzed reflects promote volume. Warm Blondes bring light into your Hair, brightening your Colour with a flood of Warming hues, adding vibrancy to your Hair and skin tone.

Highlift Blondes are bleach-free, Platinum Blonde Shades with superior lightning abilities and in-built Cooling pigments to protect and tone Hair.

To find your perfect shade, view our full Blondes Range.

Step 2: Choose your Developer

Your Developer is the hairvy lifter that determines the Lightness of your Blonde. Your Developer choice is based on two factors:
Your Natural Hair Colour.
The Hair Colour you want to be.

To establish which Developer will be strong enough to Lighten you Hair, follow this formula:

The Number of your Goal Hair Colour
The Number of your Natural Hair Colour
How many shades you will need to Lighten to achieve your desired Hair Colour.

Your answer will match to a Developer.

20 Volume Developer lightens 2 Shades
30 Volume Developer lightens 3 Shades
40 Volume Developer lightens 4 Shades

Let me show you a few examples:

Your Natural Hair Colour is 6 Dark Blonde
Your Goal Colour is 10.2 Very Light Beige Blonde
You will need a 40 Volume Developer to lighten your Hair 4 shades.

Your Natural Hair Colour is 5 Light Brown
Your Goal Colour is 8 Light Blonde
You will need a 30 Volume Developer to lighten your Hair 3 shades.

Developer Tips: If you have more than 50% Grey Hair, a 20 Volume Developer will give you the best Grey coverage.

Step 3: Application

When doing a Regrowth Touch Up, apply your Colour mixture to your Regrowth only, attempting to minimise overlapping over your Coloured ends. This is very important, to help prevent Colour Banding, Colour Build Up or Hot Roots.

The Gloss Over Technique

Once you have touched up your Regrowth and your Colour is processing, use the Gloss Over technique during the final 20 minutes of your Colours development time. Create a fresh Colour mixture, using the same Colour you have used on your Regrowth mixed with a No Lift Developer, and apply it to the ends of your Hair, ensuring they are completely covered. Wash out once you have reached your Colours development time.

Step 4: Maintenance

Blonde users regularly struggle with the nasty brassies, an unwelcomed sight usually caused by the sun, water or styling products. Cool the nasty brassies with the Toner Kits unique formula that helps maintain your Colour and shine.

Each Blonde responds to Toning differently, some Hair Colours take 5 minutes others need the maximum time of 20 minutes. Most importantly keep a close eye on your Hair while it is Toning, washing your Hair as soon as it has reached your desired tone.

For more control over your Tone you can adjust your reflect, switching to Beige for a creamier hue or Silver for a satiny tone. Only mix with a No Lift Developer.

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