Hair 101: The Gloss Over

A low maintenance, high reward method to Colouring Greys.

Ask a My Hairdresser Colour Consultant what is the most common question they get asked about Hair Colouring and they’ll tell you it involves Greys. And not just one particular question, a rabbit-holed collection of how to manage them, how to cover them, will Colour Remover remove them (no), how to transition to full time Grey status etc.

So, we have a question for you: If you’re over O-M-G-ing every 2 weeks at the sight of those Silvers sparkling through, would you consider swapping to a low maintenance, lustrous Hair Colour?

If yes, keep scrolling, if no, why not read How to Stop Colouring your Hair and Start Embracing your Greys.

Introducing the Gloss Over, a new, low maintenance, high reward approach to Colouring Greys, where you choose to work with your Greys rather than against them.

Here’s the lowdown.

Gloss Over Aim:
Bring your Colour up to a Lighter shade, closer to your new Natural Grey/White regrowth.
Blend with your Grey’s, rather than covering or hiding them.
Inject some pigment back into your Hair that it lost when it turned Grey.
Get your Hair Colour glossy and shiny again.
Create a smooth, even Colour.
Give you breathing room between each Hair Colour touchup.

Gloss Over Benefits:
Low maintenance.
Colour longevity.
Remove the shadowing from your previous Darker Colour that makes your smiles lines look way deeper than they really are.
You will look younger and your skin fresher.

Here’s how it works.

The aim of the Gloss Over is to bring your Colour up to a Lighter Shade and blend with your Grey’s, rather than covering. This means your Colour Shade choice should start in the 9 neighbourhood, as it is a similar Lightness that will blend with your Greys, you just need to decide whether you want to have a Natural, Ash (smokey), Beige (creamy) or Silver (crisp) pigment if you’re looking for a Cool Colour Gloss Over.

For the Brunette’s, if you’re currently Colouring with a Dark Permanent Hair Colour you’ll need to fully Colour Remove it out of your Hair before doing a Gloss Over. If, once Colour Removed, having a Hair Colour in the 9 neighbourhood sounds like too much of a jump for you, staying at a 7 to 8 Shade is a great transitional step and then move up the Colour ladder in your own time when you’re ready.

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