Oops, I Made A Hair Colour Mistake! Here's What to Do Next

Hair Colour Oops? Rescue your Hair Colour with our expert advice and Colour solutions.

Hi, my name is... and I've made a Hair Colour mistake.

We're all been there and I'm sure there are many more mistakes on the Hair horizon. But it's important to remember that these things happen and to take a deep breath because we've seen way too many times how the panicked mind has turned a mistake into a disaster.

Fear not, this article is here to rescue you from Hair Colour mishaps. We'll delve into actionable steps and solutions that can help you not only fix the problems but help you uncover a stunning new look you're ready to fall in love with.

I Put The Wrong Hair Colour On My Hair

It's a pretty forward OOPS that happens often. It might be the wrong Colour or maybe your Hair Colour doesn't look the way you thought it would or your Hair Colour turned out too bright, too Dark, too Golden.


When the Colour Tone is wrong you could balance it out with another Shade of the same Lightness. For example: You thought you wanted to be a 7.3 Golden Blonde girl and then you realised you're more of a neutral Blonde. Counter the Warmth using 7.1 Ash Blonde. However, we don't like layering Colour over Colour as it causes Build Up.

Ultimate Solution

The best move you can make for your Hair Colour and Hair health is to Colour Remove your latest Colour and start again. Post Colour Removed Hair will be Warmer (a sign of success) and waiting at least 48 hours until you reColour will give you the best Colour results.

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My Hair Colour Is Too Dark

Oops, I got a little carried away with my Colour choice and now my Hair Colour is far too Dark for my liking. Yep, I know this one all too well. It often comes after you've been Lightening and then make a rash decision to throw a Dark Shade over only to realise it's too Dark and you much preferred being Light.


The quick and easy solution is to Colour Remove and break the bonds of that Dark pigment. Depending on how Dark your Colour is, you may need multiple applications of Colour Remover to budge the Colour.

Ultimate Solution

A deep Colour Removing cleanse involving multiple applications of Colour Remover will gently take your Hair back to your original, Lightened Shade leaving you with a Warm variation of your Lightened Shade. After allowing your Hair to settle, you're ready for your next step.

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I Coloured My Hair And Didn't Take Into Account My Previous Hair Colour

So you've just stepped out of the shower after washing your freshly Coloured Hair and you look in the mirror. Something just doesn't seem right... Oops I didn't think about my previous Hair Colours I still have on my Hair.

For example: Why did the Dark Brown Hair not become the Light Blonde?
After all those years of Brunette Hair Colours why do my roots look Light and Golden while my ends look Black and heavy?
Why did my lovely baby Blonde go dish washer green when I Coloured it Dark?


1. You cannot Lighten already Coloured Hair.
2. Hair Colour will Build Up in your Hair making your Hair look Dark, dull and heavy while your roots look fresh and vibrant after a Colour.
3. When you Colour your Lightened Hair 3 or more Shades Darker, your Dark Colour pigment will slip off your Hair, leaving you with a washed out Green Shade.

Solution 1

You need to press rewind and remove the Hair Colour back to your Natural before you can Lighten your Hair.

Solution 2

When your Hair is full of Build Up, apply Colour Remover through your Built Up lengths removing layer by layer of pigment with multiple applications of Colour Remover until your Hair is fully cleansed.

Solution 3

When you are Colouring your Hair more than 3 Shades Darker, you need to apply a Colour Filler over your Lightened Hair to build pigment back into your Hair. Concentrate your Colour Filler application on your Lightened ends only. In a second application, apply your Darker Shade over your entire Hair.

If your Hair is too Green, Colour Remove it first before beginning the Colour Filling process.

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If you've had a Colour mishap don't run to the supermarket and throw a box Colour on. Email us, including a photo of your Hair before and after (don't worry you don't need to include your face) and brief breakdown of your Hair history and we can suggest the My Hairdresser products for you.

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