Is your Hair Colour making you look old?

Did you know the wrong Hair Colour can make wrinkles more pronounced?

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Ladies, let’s get straight to the point. Once you get to a certain age your Hair starts loosing pigment (hello greys) and then your complexion follows. Somewhere during this time period we either: 

a) Tell age and society where to stick it and start experimenting with extreme Hair Colours as a way to say “i’ve still got it”.
b) Pretend like nothing is changing, and stick with the same Colour routine as we have done since our 20s.
c) Think, oh my god, I'm turning into my mother.
d) Give up and grow it out, because its not like anyone will notice anyway. Enter half a head of grey regrowth, half a head of browny, orange ends.

This is madness!
Age ain’t nothin’ but a number and with 60 being the new 50 and 50 being the new 40, who cares what your birth certificate says anyway?

Your times are a changing and so should your Hair to match this incredible stage in your life. That trademark Colour you’ve had since your twenties, might need to be switched out for a Colour that will enhance your features rather than age you.
That’s right, your Colour could be adding years to you. Sound like you? We have solutions.

Your Hair Colour is too Dark

Notice how the wicked witch has dark Hair that makes her look hagged and bagged? Then the addition of Grey regrowth that shows up so harsh and definitive on the Hairline, argh. Dark, Dark Hair is so un-Natural to your complexion and the Dark Colouring creates shadowing, making your fine lines deeper and bringing your face down. Which just makes you look… old.

Lighten your Colour up a shade or two, adding in some Gold reflects to breathe some Light and dimension into your Colour. Don’t aim for a Colour that's ridiculously Light like your having a mid life crisis, stick with Colours like 6 Dark Blonde with a squeeze of 7.3 Golden Blonde for Warmth, or choose a Chocolate like 5.53 Chocolate Brown.

You’re Hair is too Light

Being too Light can be as damaging as being too dark. Over Lightened, over Highlighted and over processed Hair Colour that looks old and ragged, quickly spreads to your skin and face. Combine that with your complexion that matches your Hair, your whole head suddenly blends into a giant marshmallow. A giant washed out marshmallow with Hair that looks dry and fine - how lovely.

Time to hang up the Blonde, you need to create contrast, between your Hair and skin. Choose a Colour a shade or 2 Darker or paint in some Lowlights to bring back dimension, using Natural Tones and avoiding Cool Colours. Try Colours like 6 Dark Blonde or 7 Medium Blonde.

You’re too Ash

You've always suited Ash, but it’s not giving you the same effect anymore. It’s wiping your face out and cooling your complexion right down, making your Hair flat and leaving it looking thin and lacklustre.

Simple enough, say thank you and goodbye to your Ash obsession and reintroduce Natural Colours to bring glow and energy back into your Hair. The change doesn’t need to be drastic, start by using Natural Colours like 7 Medium Blonde or 8 Light Blonde to Colour your Hair and then build up to Warmer hues with squeezes of Gold with Colours like 7.3 Golden Blonde or 9.3 Light Golden Blonde.

You’re too Brassie

Obviously, we’re not a fan of Brassie Hair in general, but combine it with older skin and it will make your Hair look damaged and wiry and give you a very Red complexion.

Just like a Blonde you need to Tone your Colour down. Use an Ash or Beige Colour to Tone down those Brassie hues, to create a smoother Colour.

You’re too Red

Deep, solid Reds will do no favours for your skin. They will date your skin, bringing your face down and ageing you quite dramatically.

You don’t need to completely remove the Red, just reconsider it. Break up your Red with Lighter reflects or choose a Copper to bring in a youthful, Natural glow. Try 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde or if you don’t want to change it up stick with a Red like 5.64 Deep Red Copper because its multiple hues will give your Colour dimension and movement, rather than a solid, flat Colour.

You’re too extreme

Leave the dip dye, rainbow, unicorn Hair Colours in your youth because there giving you attention for all the wrong reasons. Although you might think you’re having a renaissance and giving the middle finger to old age, these Colours bring it all back swinging and age you dramatically.

If you want to stand out, choose an expensive looking hue. Try Rose Gold or Strawberry Blonde for a softer, diluted Colour that will be kinder to your complexion, while also being modern and fresh.

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