Yes, You Can Be a Platinum Blonde Without Frying Your Hair With Bleach

Escape the salon and embrace the freedom of becoming or maintaining your Platinum Blonde, while keeping your Hair's integrity and shine.

When Blonde is your passion and your penchant for Platinum doesn't look like waning, the thought of cutting down your regular long-sitting salon sessions could seem like an end of the world scenario. Don't worry, you still have plenty of great Hair days ahead.

Get to know the Highlift Blonde family, a simplified solution to achieving a Platinum Blonde hue without the drama's of bleaching your Hair. Highlift's allow you to create and maintain your dream Blonde without the complexities you'd experience when Lightening with Bleach, even if you are in the salon.

Get To Know Highlift's

There are 3 Highlift Blondes characterised by a Cool Undertone — Ash, Beige and Silver — that have the ability to Lighten your Natural Hair Colour up to 5 Shades. Highlift's Colour formula is what gives them their edge, Toning as they Lighten while protecting your Hair and Natural pigment. Where as when you Lighten with Bleach, it strips your Hair of everything — health, Colour tone and Natural pigment.

How To Colour With Highlift's

Mixing your Highlift shade with 40 Volume Developer will give you maximum lift, perfect for Dark Blondes and Light Brown beauties looking for a Platinum result. If you are a Medium or Light Blonde a 20 or 30 Volume Developer may be enough, just do your Developer math.

Your Highlift Colour mixture is different to a typical Colour, using a 1:2 ratio of Colour and Developer. For example: 60ml Highlift with 120ml Developer. Your Highlift Colour mixture likes more time on the Hair, requiring 45 minutes to develop.

If you are blending your Highlift into a previously Lightened Blonde or Highlighted Hair apply to your Regrowth and comb through to the ends of your Hair during the last 10 minutes of your Colours development time.

If, after Colouring, you find your Hair isn't as Cool as you'd like, another Toning application using the same Highlift Shade with a No Lift Developer the next day will give you the best result.

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