Why Colour Remover Should Be A Constant In Your Life

Reminder: Colour Remover should be a staple of any Colour routine if you want healthy, shiny Hair.

When developing the My Hairdresser range one product was central to it all, Colour Remover. Knowing there was a bleach free, damage free option to turn to when you've had a Colour disaster or that shade turned out Darker than you expected or you left the salon in tears or you're ready to move onto your next Hair Colour changed the Colour game. And here we are, all these years later, with thousands of examples of how Colour Remover has saved the day.

Trustworthy and versatile, that is what impresses us the most about Colour Remover and over the last few years, the way we've been using it has changed. We've incorporated Colour Remover as a part of our maintenance regime to help in the protection of our Hair Colour and Hair health as well. In case you've lost count, here is all the ways, and reasons, why Colour Remover should be a constant in your Colouring life.

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The Quick Colour Mistake Fix

Whether you've applied the wrong Colour, made a rash decision or under appreciated what was already in your Hair, this kind of thing is Colour Removers bread and butter.

The Seasonal Colour Change

New seasons trigger a shift to a hotly anticipated new shade. It's typical, in our world, to transition to a Darker Blonde or Brunette during the colder months or have fun with a vibrant shade while the sun isn't there to zap its intensity. Enter Colour Remover when it's time to go Lighter again.

The Refresher

The refresher is perfect for Blondes, Reds and Copper beauties who regularly touch up their Colours intensity or Tone and sometimes notice, after time, their Colour looks dull and darker than usual. A quick Colour Remover refresh cleans out the pigment to restart your Colour to get your Hair sparkling again.

The Band Budger

Oh, the dreaded Colour Banding, those horizontal lines of Colour on top of Colour causing havoc by showing up like obvious blocks through your Hair. Applying Colour Remover to these bands helps budge the pigment being held in the blocks of Hair to even out your Hair Colour.

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The Deep Cleanse

Similar to Colour Banding, multiple applications of Colour on top of Colour will suffocate Hair with Colour Build Up, making your Hair Colour look duller, darker and patchy. Target the Built Up ends, where the majority of the heavy pigment will be, with Colour Remover and watch your Hair transform to looking and feeling Lighter, silkier and healthier.

The Big Colour Transformation

A fresh new season warrants a fresh new shade, well at least to us, and when that new hue is Lighter than your current one, watch Colour Remover fly in and save the day. Gone are the days of having to rely on bleach to do the job, destroying the pigment and everything else in your Hair. Colour Remover will have your strands cleansed, refreshed and ready for your next hue while visibly improving your Hairs look and feel.

Keep these Colour Removing tips in mind

Mix and apply your Colour Remover mixture to your Hair as soon as possible.
Apply your Colour Remover to dry Hair that is free of styling products or treatments.
Wrap Hair in cling wrap or a shower cap to help the process along.
Leave it on your Hair for 20 minutes, that's it, no longer.
Always check your Hair has been cleansed of pigment before rushing to your next Colour. If in doubt, always do another Colour Remover.

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