What To Do When Your Roots Don't Match Your Ends

Struggling with mismatched regrowth and ends? Discover our expert tips to seamlessly blend your Hair Colour for a harmonious look.

Are you new to the world of My Hairdresser and home Hair Colouring? (If so, Welcome!) Have you decided that right now you need to find ways of delaying trips to the salon or you've seen our videos and realise that you can do it too. This article is for you. 

My Hairdresser was created because our head and founder was a busy working mother who had limited time to make it to the salon. So her dream was to create a range of Hair Colour Products that brought the salon to you. With this ethos we're always aiming to be time smart and habit stack, for example I love an early morning Colour so I'm showered and ready for the day, and while my Colour is processing I'll check my emails, do a load of washing or my morning calls. Sorry, I digress. 

Back to the task. Matching your roots to your ends isn't one same solution for everyone so we've outlined all the solutions below. Don't forget, if you're still unsure contact us and we can help answer your questions. 

Solution 1: Matching Your Natural Regrowth To Previously Coloured Hair

Find the Hair Colour in our Range that matches your Coloured ends then choose your Developer. It's important here to consider if your Hair goes brassy when Coloured and adjust your Hair Colour to a Cool or Natural Shade to counter the Warmth. 


Mix your Hair Colour and Developer in your Tint Bowl. Apply your Colour mixture to your roots, avoiding over lapping your Coloured ends. If your ends need re-glossing, paint your Colour mixture through to your ends during the final 10 minutes of processing time. However, if you've been using a 30 or 40 Volume Developer, create a new Colour mixture using your Hair Colour and No Lift Developer to paint through your ends. If you've Coloured with a No Lift or 20 Volume Developer, use your remaining Colour mixture. 

Solution 2: Blend Your Natural Regrowth Into Foiled Or Highlighted Ends

You have two choices when you want to blend into foils or highlights. Firstly you can match your Colour to your ends or, if you want a lower maintenance option, use a root melt or grown out look, choosing a Hair Colour that sits between your Natural Colour and highlighted ends.  For Example: You are Naturally 5 Light Brown and your highlights are 9.1 Light Ash Blonde, use a 7.1 Ash Blonde and 20 Volume Developer over your roots. 


Mix your Hair Colour and Developer in your Tint Bowl. Apply your Colour mixture to your Regrowth, tapering or feathering your Hair Colour so it covers a little bit of the tips of your highlighted ends. By painting your Regrowth unevenly it will blend beautifully and soften the line between your roots and ends. Paint your Colour down more through the back of your Hair and keep your application higher around your face. 

Solution 3: I Coloured My Roots And Now They Are Too Warm

If your Regrowth is too Warm after Colouring it mostly likely occurred because the Colour you used was too Warm or your Hair Naturally throws a lot of Warmth, meaning that when your Hair is Coloured or Lightened, it can go very Warm because you Naturally have Warmth in your Hair. Your Warmth will need to be Toned using a Toner Kit or a Cool Colour Shade close to the Colour you applied over your roots. 
For example: you used 10.2 Very Light Beige Blonde to Lighten your roots, you can calm the brassiness with the Pearl Blonde Toner Kit
Or you've Coloured with 9.3 Light Golden Blonde and you're throwing too much Warmth, use a 9 Very Light Blonde


Mix your Toning solution. Apply your Cooling mixture to the Regrowth area that is too Warm, working through your sections. Once you've covered your Hair set a 20 minute timer. Check in on your Hair Colour every 5 minutes and wash out once you’ve reached the Tone you want. 

Solution 4: I Coloured My Roots And They Are Too Light

Often this happens because your percentage of Greys is more than you think. Choosing a Hair Colour a shade or 2 Darker should give you the same Colour as you originally wanted. 


Mix your new Colour with No Lift Developer or 20 Volume Developer if you have Greys. Paint over your Regrowth where the Colour is too Light. Avoid applying Colour through your ends to prevent Colour Build Up

Solution 5: I Coloured My Roots And They Are Too Dark

Colour Remover is your favourite friend here because you can't Lighten already Coloured Hair unless you are a Very Light Blonde. You will need to remove the Darker Colour and then Tone or re Colour at least 48 hours later with a Hair Colour that is Shade or two Lighter. 


Mix your Colour Remover in your Applicator Bottle and squeeze it along your Darker Regrowth section. Over you've covered your roots wrap your Hair in cling wrap, process for 20 minutes and wash. Once your Colour has been removed apply your new Colour on dry Hair. 

Solution 6: I Want To Embrace My Natural Root Colour But The Rest Of My Hair Is Too Light

This is for the Blondes that want to get back to their Dark Blonde or Brunette roots and continue that into their ends for one solid Hair Colour. Choose the Hair Colour you want to be, your goal Colour, and a Colour Filler that you will need to apply over your Lightened ends to build the pigment back into your Hair, creating a base for your new Colour to form. Your goal Colour needs to be mixed with a No Lift Developer or 20 Volume Developer if you have 50% or more Greys


Step 1: Apply your Colour Filler mixture over your Lightened ends, avoiding your Regrowth. Allow your Colour to process as per instructions. Rinse, wash and dry.
Step 2: Apply your goal Colour over all your Hair and comb through to blend. 

Solution 7: I Want To Embrace My Natural Roots But The Rest Of My Hair Is Too Dark

Start by Colour Removing the Dark Hair Colour through the ends of your Hair, allowing for the potential of multiple applications for a deep cleanse of pigment. Once your Hair Colour has been removed your Hair will be Warm with an Orange tinge through your Natural Colour. Allow your Hair at least 48 hours to settle, then apply a Toner Kit through your Warmed ends. 

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