Discover The Best Summer Brunette Shades For A Stunning Colour Upgrade

Elevate your summer glamour with these stunning Brunette Shades carefully selected to illuminate your locks under the sun.

Summer isn't just for Blondes. Imagine the perfect pairing of a glossy, shiny Brunette enhancing your newly sun-kissed skin—where your Hair and skin tone harmonise seamlessly.

Embrace being a Brunette during these sun-drenched months; it's a low-maintenance Shade that effortlessly complements your natural beauty without the need for drastic transformations. The My Hairdresser Brunette's Hair Colour Range ensures not just stunning Colour but also keeps your Hair health intact with its nourishing conditioners.

The beauty of being a Brunette lies in the variety it offers, and the best part? The choice is all yours. Try on these Shades for size and watch your hair and skin radiate in harmony.

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Ebony Brown

Indulge in the Ebony Brown —an exquisite blend akin to the richness of 90% cocoa. Picture a deep, dark Chocolate infusion that imparts an exceptionally crisp and glossy finish to your Hair Colour, elevating your Hair Colour to a new level of sophistication.

My Hairdresser

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3 Dark Brown

Dive into the elegance of 3 Dark Brown—a Natural Shade that gifts you not just a Hair Colour but an experience. Revel in the allure of an extra silky and shiny, solid Dark Brown Hair Colour that exudes sophistication and timeless beauty.

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Dark Brown

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5.53 Chocolate Brown

Welcome to the holiday magic of 5.53 Chocolate Brown—a Shade that turns your Hair into a sun-kissed masterpiece. Golden and Amber Tones dance through your locks, casting a bronzed glow that transports you to a beachside paradise. When sunlight embraces these Tones, a captivating contouring effect unfolds, leaving your Hair looking luxuriously thick and full—like a radiant souvenir from your favourite getaway.

My Hairdresser
Chocolate Brunette

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Natural Brunette

Experience the allure of our Natural Brunette—a perfect balance where darkness meets radiance. This unique blend seamlessly intertwines Light and Dark Brunette tones, crafting a captivating shade that is neither too deep nor too subdued. Revel in the sophistication of strong, sleek Natural hues, ensuring your Brunette locks exude timeless elegance with every glance.

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5 Light Brown

Dive into the essence of 5 Light Brown, a shade reminiscent of velvety milk chocolate. With its ideal blend of Light and Dark, it creates a luxuriously creamy Brunette that's both inviting and refined. Ideal for those seeking a Brunette hue that's not too deep but perfectly rich, 5 Light Brown offers a touch of sweetness to your Hair Colour palette.

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Light Brown

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