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Product Image The Natural Brunette

The Natural Brunette


Finding the right shade of Brown can be tricky, this is when we call to The Natural Brunette for something a little different. Natural Tones are delicious because their Cool, and combining two Naturals just ups the ante of Coolness. The Natural Brunette is an excellent way to gain the depth and richness from the 3 and the soft Tones from the 5, to create a Brunette with a little more punch, but still with a Natural Coolness.

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1 Part Colour

30ml / Half a Tube of 3 Dark Brown
30ml / Half a Tube of 5 Light Brown

1.5 Part Developer

1 Bottle of Developer

How Much Colour Will I Need?

For Short Hair

1 x Permanent Hair Colour
1 x Developer

For Long Hair / Thick Hair

2 x Permanent Hair Colour
2 x Developer

How Do I Colour My Hair?

Step 1: Mix

Mix Permanent Hair Colour and Developer in a plastic or glass bowl until a smooth and creamy paste is achieved.

Step 2: Apply To Dry Hair

Starting at the regrowth area, apply the Colour carefully and evenly to dry, clean Hair. Massage Colour through the Hair wearing protective gloves to ensure even coverage.

Step 3: Developing Time

Once the Colour has been applied to the Hair, leave in Hair for 35 to 40 minutes to Develop. We suggest allowing the High Lift Series (901, 902 and 908) 45 minutes to develop.


Once the development time has been reached, rinse the Hair for 3 to 5 minutes in warm water until water runs clear. Condition Hair as normal

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