The EOY RoundUp: The Biggest Sellers, Most Read Articles and more

Catch up on the most-read articles, the best selling products and our favourite Colour transformations of the year.

What a year. What are we saying, what about the last 2 years! As we endured some more time at home, we were blown away by your support and your desire to learn more about your Hair. Of course, it wasn't a year as we would have planned it, but the silver lining was we got to know you and this wonderful community of home Colourers.

It comes as no surprise to us that you really took matters into your own hands, creating some absolute masterpiece Colours all year long. If we thought last year we received a lot of questions, this year took it to a whole other level and we've loved every bit of it.

In honour of you all and another incredible year together, we've compiled a collection of all the bests — articles, sellers, reviews and more — as decided by you. So if you want a reread, this collection is perfect or if you've finally got some time to catch up, settle in as we recap another unbelievable year.

The Best Part Of The Year: You

We've loved hearing what you have to say. Here's just a snapshot.


"This colour is absolutely gorgeous! I tried to get this colour at the hairdresser and what she gave me was horrible. These girls helped me remove that colour and get the one I really wanted. I'm sooooo happy! thank you so much I absolutely love it :)"
— Therese H
Product reviewed: Strawberry Blonde

Loving my fresh look!

"My hairdresser are an incredible organisation!!! The site gave me easy to follow instructions to help me achieve my desired result. I've been in touch with them on email and they are so lovely and easy to talk to. ISO hair? I don't think so! Do yourself a favour and purchase from these guys, I'm about to place my second order."
— Sarah
Product reviewed: 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde

Works a Treat!

"Such a great combination!. Pleased with the results. I was having trouble achieving the blonde shade I wanted, obviously because of my built-up colour. Using the toner afterwards made my hair feel amazing, toned down the brass in my hair. This product has brought me closer to the colour I wish to achieve."
— Katie
Product reviewed: Cleanse and Tone Bundle


"I can believe how soft and shiny my hair felt afterwards. I love the colour. Keen to try more of the blonde shades. So happy I found My Hairdresser."
— Katie W
Product reviewed: 9 Very Light Blonde

Still can’t believe it was this easy!

"I lockdown bleached and coloured my hair. It was a disaster. I emailed the team here with pictures and asked what to do. I did exactly what they told me and used the colour remover and followed with the 10.2 and my god, it was as if I’d had it done at the salon. My colleagues immediately commented on it as soon as they saw it as they were like “I thought hairdressers were all closed in NSW!!!” Honestly still can’t believe it looks as good as it does."
— Suzannah
Product reviewed: 10.2 Very Light Beige Blonde

From black to auburn!

"I adore this product so much!! I've used it many times in the past. Went from a black/purple back to (almost) my natural auburn colour with only two rounds of remover. And a huge shout out to the always fabulous Hanna who answers my hoard of questions every time I decide to change."
Product reviewed: Colour Remover 2 Pack

And we've been obsessed with seeing your Hair.

The Most Read Articles Were: A Combination Of Everything

You've been turning heads with your beautiful variations of Beige shades and their deliciously creamy reflects, while others have opted for intensity elevating your Hair Colour with varying brightening shades of vibrant Copper tones. Still, this year has been all about the Colour transformations and taking charge of your Hair Colour was the priority. An extended time gave you more opportunity to perfect your Regrowth Touch Up and have a good think about the direction your Hair is taking, switching to a low-maintenance Balayage for a perfect effortless style. And rejoice! a Colouring solution to transform a head full of foils, baby lights, streaks, balayage, ombre, which funnily enough make the perfect Colour base.

The Most Popular Products Were: All About Colour!

In a sign of the times, Colour comprehensively dominated the top half of the charts, particularly Light varieties who make up the top 3 best sellers. It comes as no surprise that 20 Volume Developers perfect grey coverage and 30 Volume Developers vibrancy promoting abilities gave them the pick of the Developers. And our favourite problem solvers, Colour Remover and Light Ash Toner Kit continue to show us how important they are in our lives. While accessories remind us that setting up a home salon makes everything so. much. fun.

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