How To Set Your Hair Colour Goals For The Year

Prioritise 'me time' and elevate your Hair game with our expert insights on setting and reaching your Hair goals.

Our aim this year is for us all to prioritise "me time". We're not big into resolutions, preferring to wait to mid January to start getting a scope for how the new year feels. And now it's time to create a plan and set some goals, because we're all busy and real life will soon get on top of us. We were born from the mind of a busy, working mum, who struggled to find the products needed for quick touchups so we understand busy. These goals are for the busy that will help with your Hair Colour plan this year.

Goal 1: Save Money

We're all talking about how *everything* seems more expensive right now, which generally means you'll start making sacrifices. However, with the My Hairdresser Range, you won't compromise on salon-quality Hair Colour – it's the affordable luxury your hair deserves.

Goal 2: Learn A New Skill

I'm not sure about you, but I've always found developing a new skill more difficult as an adult, so if I do learn a new skill it's generally a practical one. On we've created a plethora of Support Pages that focus on practical home Hair Colouring skills, with easy to follow instructions that will take you from nervous novice to old pro in no time.

Goal 3: Declutter

Decluttering has taken a different meaning this year, like we're all ready for a deep clean and a streamlined fresh start. First step, cleanse your Hair Colour products of the impulse buys from 2-3 years ago. Then find those empty tubes that have had the life squeezed out of them and don't forget the bottles of Developer and Colour Remover that are so empty you can barely hear the liquid slurping around in side when you give them a shake. Bin them. How many times have you sorted through them while trying to find the products you actually need? Stop wasting time, focus on your essentials.

Goal 4: Prioritise Quality Over Quantity

Decluttering often leads to you beginning to think "do I need all this stuff?". Hundreds of Hair elastics, a handful of Hair brushes and we'll always go back to the same 1 or 2. Choose your products wisely, investing in quality pieces that streamline your morning routine or Colour application. At My Hairdresser, we emphasise prioritising the finest quality ingredients in all our products, ensuring a luxurious experience for your Hair.

Goal 5: Try Multi Tasking

One of the key core ingredients of the My Hairdresser philosophy is time. While the product is processing on our Hair we love to multitask by checking emails, catching up on laundry, online shopping, chatting with friends/family or planning the week ahead. With our protective cape and sectioning clips, you can clip your Hair up and move around effortlessly.

Goal 6: Start Pre Planning

It seems a lot of our My Hairdresser family are beating us to the punch on this one because we have had countless emails asking Hair advice for an event months away. Flagging future events or holidays to find your free time to book yourself in for a Hair Colour is essential. Our tip is to plan out to at least 6 months ahead to avoid a midnight touch up. It also means you can shop our Bundles for better value.

Goal 7: Do It Yourself

You have made it very apparent to us that this year is the year you're breaking up with your salon appointments and taking matters into your own hands. Embrace the freedom and creativity that comes with DIY Hair care. Our range of user-friendly products empowers you to achieve salon-worthy results in the comfort of your home. Say goodbye to appointment stress and hello to a new era of self-expression and confidence. My Hairdresser is here to support your journey to DIY greatness, ensuring your at-home Hair care experience is as fabulous as you are.

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