4 Peach Blonde Hues Perfect for Summer

These Peach Blonde hues are the summer shade of your dreams — bright, vibrant and the perfect match to your sun-kissed skin.

Summer is the season of Colour. Sunshine, long sizzling days. Endless blue skies mirror the sparkling aquatic tones of the ocean. Wardrobes that match our favourite cocktails. Plentiful plates of multicoloured fruits. It seems only appropriate, no necessary, that one must elevate ones summer style with a Hair Colour with the same Coloured optimism.  

The Peach Blonde is the summer shade of your dreams. It's a statement shade flushed in a fresh pastel pop of Colour and the mileage to take on the drain of the summer elements and guaranteed to elevate your mood and complement your sun-kissed skin with its brightening tones. You might be a Copper lover, you might be a Golden lover — the Peach Blonde has the versatility to feed the appetite of them all with these 4 variations. 

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The Classic Peach Blonde

The Colour of your dreams soaking Hair in scrumptious sorbet tones to show off your Hairs whimsical side. These soft-focus, pale Copper reflects are the perfect first step into the Copper family or to cover over an already lightened Blonde with shimmering Peach tones.

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The Glowing Peach Blonde

This sandy Copper blend glimmers with delicate hits of full, bodied warmth, injecting life and vitality into your Hair and skin tone. While still light, the subtle depth gives your Hair an ethereal richness and lit-from-within glow.
Mix together: 1/2 Tube x 8 Light Blonde + 1/2 Tube x 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde

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Light Blonde

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The Creamy Peach Blonde

These heavenly hues are absolute Colour perfection. Blending together ultra Light Creamy Blonde pigments and a hint of Copper intensity that highlights Hair with strobes of velvety Peach Warmth flashing through a gloriously glossy, smooth Light Blonde base. Also genius: apply over a Platinum Blonde base to add some soft pale Peach tones to your Colour.
Mix together: 3/4 Tube x 902 Extra Light Beige Blonde + 1/4 Tube x 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde

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The Dark Peach Blonde

If you thought pastel Peach hues were exclusively for extra Light shades, think again. This satiny shade subtly combines depth with just enough Copper intensity to flood Hair with a flush of glowing Copper reflects. Don't hesitate, this creamy pastel blend is for the Copper lovers who don't want the big punch of intensity.
Mix together: 3/4 Tube x 7 Medium Blonde + 1/4 Tube x 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde

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Medium Blonde

Tip: Double the mixing amount for thick or long Hair.

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