Stop believing these home Hair Colour myths

Because we get called in to fix salon disasters... A lot.

It’s not often, but sometimes I get irritated by the response I get from Hairdresser’s when I tell them what I do. Which is even more hilarious when they come to realise that we started this Range because we were Hairdressers looking for a better home option. So if your Hairdresser starts whispering sweet nothings about the cons of doing your Colour yourself at home, have a read of the common scare tactics, I mean myths, they use to scare you off and how easy it is to answer them.

Myth #1 You can’t Lighten your Hair at home.

Oh, this is our favourite myth and although we would never recommend Bleaching for first timers, you should see some of the professional disasters we have been called in to clean up. Lightening doesn’t only need to revolve around Bleaching. Truth: you can’t go from Dark Brown to Platinum Ice White Blonde in one process or without a decent amount of prior knowledge of Colouring.
But of course, you can Lighten at home. We use 4 different strength Developers that will do the job for you, you just need to choose the right one.

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Myth #2 You can only remove Hair Colour by Bleaching and stripping the Colour.

Oh hey, Colour Remover how you doing? *rolls eyes*
A Hairdresser’s natural go to problem solver is Bleach, which causes damage and more potential problems. Not only can Colour Remover remove Permanent Hair Colour from your Hair (you don’t need to remove a Semi, it will wash out), it’s Bleach free and Damage free and will get that Colour out in 20 minutes. We even suggest long time Colourer’s to use Colour Remover to clean out your old Colour.

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Myth #3 If you’re Colouring at home, keep the Colour basic and don’t try anything extreme.

We’ll often advise users to stick with a Colour 2 shades Lighter or Darker than their Natural Hair Colour so it will suit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a vibrant shade or a Colour change! It’s about choosing a Hair Colour that blends with your complexion and flatters your skin's undertone. It’s not about avoiding vibrant Colours or transformations at home, rather choosing the right shade for you. Start by identifying which group your skins Undertones fall into. This will dictate what Colours you should be choosing.

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Myth #4 Home Hair Colours will leave your Hair Brassie.

When you choose a cheap box Colour that contains a Developer that is predetermined meaning that it may not be strong enough to Lighten your Hair, limiting the process giving you an underdone, brassie Colour. Cheap products produce cheap results.
So simply put, choose High quality products to produce high quality results. Our Hair Colour’s and Developers are designed to use in the salon. For Colour brilliance you need to be in control of your choices and our Range enables you to choose your Colour and Developer, giving you complete control over your process just like a Hairdresser. This way you can choose the Developer strong enough, for a smooth Colour process.

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Myth #5 Leave the Highlights and Lowlights to the pros.

Think you can do it yourself? You’re right, you can. Highlights and Lowlights can take your Colour to another level, break up a flat Hair and get you building your skills. And the best bit? They can be easily painted in or even done with your finger tips. We’ve put together some guides you’ll find below, to show you how.

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