Introducing The Peach Pearl, Our Latest Copper Creation

Shocker. Copper strikes again.

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You might have noticed this year we’re having a big Copper moment (see How to Colour Hair Copper and Why Coppers Will Rule the World This Year) and that you’ll quickly see we’re transfixed by this Colour hue with that a kind of vigour that leaves us wonderstruck over its versatility.

And so we’re constantly experimenting with Copper hues — a squeeze more Gold, subdued with Natural, bolstered with double Copper pigment — and recently our Colour Consultant team struck gold with their latest Colour creation that will make the case for any Copper lover to reconsider their style.

Introducing the Peach Pearl. A Copper hybrid that’s darker than a Peach Blonde, more Coppery than a Golden Blonde but not as bright as a Strawberry Blonde. Unlike a lot of the other Copper combinations we work with, the Copper segment of the Peach Pearl can be overlooked or mistaken for another Warm hue.

That’s because the Peach Pearl has a majority Natural base that creates a glossy, lustrous appearance and brings the smoothness of the Hair Colour. But when the sprinkling of Copper is added in, mind you a double Copper pigment, it has a high level of intensity that makes its way through the Natural Blonde Colour base, mellowing into a deeper, watercolour style hue.

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As with other Coppers, the Peach Pearl is for Warm Skintones and similar to other Copper hybrids (The Chestnut Brunette, The Peach Blonde, The Strawberry Blonde) it will be more appealing to a wider range of your warmed beauties who love the russet family sans the intensity and maintenance required of a Colour rich in vibrancy. So when you’re looking to take a break from the fieriness for a subdued Natural-looking Shade, the super smooth Peach Pearl won’t need to take much convincing.

Peach Pearl Colour mixture:
3/4 x 8 Light Blonde
1/4 x 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde

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