Preventing the Summer fade - How to protect your Hair Colour.

What can fade your Colour? How can you keep sane and still maintain? Here's how.

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You know when you see a puppy that is tied up to a street sign, obsessively waiting and watching for their owner to return and you stop by to pat and console them until they feel better? Yeah, that's how I feel when I see a malnourished Hair Colour.

Ok when I say malnourished, I mean under loved. No I mean faded - which ultimately means all those things together. So if I see you with faded Hair, I will pat it just the same way ill try and soothe that sad puppy.

I know we live in the great Southern land of sweeping planes and all that, and face a humidity that is crippling to those not used to it, but this doesn't mean we have to look any less fabulous as a result.

What can fade your Colour?

A combination - sun baking till your like a honey glazed ham, swimming in salt or chlorinated water, regular washing, harsh shampoos, styling products, heat tools… the usual culprits.

The real truth they don’t want to tell you is Colour fades. Using quality Products, like ours helps. But when your hitting the Summer season and have a high chance of combining these factors together, your Colour will fade or alter quite a bit quicker.

So how can we keep sane and maintain?

Thankfully your life doesn’t need to be adjusted too much and you can continue living a normal, happy existence by keeping these tips in mind.

Shield your Hair with a Hat. You wouldn’t leave your puppy sitting outside under the sun, don’t do the same to your Hair.
Before your day at the beach or poolside, comb some conditioner through it to safeguard it from the water and help stop your Blonde ends from going green.
Keep your Hair washing ritual to a minimum. We say no more than 3 times a week is fine and allows for the seasonal extra sweating.
Manage your Hair styling by keeping it simple. Less Product and styling tools, more air drying, braids and sleek pony's - which actually look far better with a little grease in the Hair anyway.
Watch your shampoo choice. Products like anti-dandruff and clarifying are fantastic to strip your Colour and all its vibrancy. Side note: use them when you’re over your Semi Colour.

And maintaining, that's not so bad either.

If you’re Blonde or even have Blonde Highlights, Toning is your saving grace. It’s always incredible how a small act can take you from trashy to classy in 20 minutes.
Topping up your Regrowth? Stick to your Regrowth. Don’t be painting that Colour through to your ends every time, creating Colour Build Up and heavy Hair, in the hope it will refresh your ends - it won’t. Stick with the Colour Top Up Technique. That also counts for those of you who lose vibrancy as quick as your ice cream melts. Revitalise with the Colour Top Up Technique.

Don’t make your Summer Hair, your Winter body. You can have it all people.

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