Regrowth 101

Where is my Regrowth?

Regrowth is your new Hair growth closest to your scalp, also known as your roots. It is your Natural Hair Colour.

Why do I need to know about it?

Your Regrowth determines the strength of the Developer needed to mix with your Hair Colour.

For example:
If you have Dark Regrowth and you want to Lighten your Hair, you will need a stronger Developer like 30 Volume or 40 Volume Developer.

If you have Light Regrowth and you want to Lighten your Hair, you can use a weaker Developer like 20 Volume Developer.

Colouring your Regrowth

Just because you have Regrowth does not mean you have to apply Colour to your whole head — this constant application of Colour on top of Colour through the ends of the Hair will cause Colour Build Up resulting in heavy, dull Hair.

Instead, use the Colour Top Up Technique to avoid Build Up and keep your Colour fresh.

Tip: all our Colour and Developers are resealable, so you can mix a small amount of Product and use the remainder when you next need it.

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