Obsessed: The 4 Hair Colour Shades Perfect For Winter

These Winter Hair Colour hues are a simple, yet very effective way, to perk up yours and your Hairs mood faster than you can say — O.M.G it's freezing.

When the days are shorter and the air is crisper and the weather resembles a wild beast where each day brings a different mood, it's comforting to find solace in small routines. A cup of tea, that familiar scent of your soothing moisturiser only suited to the harshness of winter weather, the warmth of your ugg boots. We find immense joy leaning into the routines of life, face masking, baths, Hair Colouring and using the raw Winter chill as the perfect backdrop to highlight our new Winter shades. When the weather is bleak, these Winter Hair Colour hues are a simple, yet very effective way, to perk up yours and your Hairs mood faster than you can say — O.M.G it's freezing. Keep reading to find your perfect match.

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You'd look great in the Dark Glossy Glam

The cornerstone of Colouring is the perfection of the single pigment shade. Immensely shiny, like a mirror, gorgeously glossy and a colour-block party for the senses — these all encompassing statement shades are made for Winter. Don't go past the deep Brunettes. They compliment the darker wardrobe and monochrome palette, sparkle against the crisp Winter sun and are oh-so-perfect for long, short, cropped (all of) the Brunette beauties.

Colour tips: If you are transitioning from a Lighter shade, be sure to read about Colour Fillers first. These shades are an ideal choice to use to gloss over dull Hair and replenish your Colour.

Try these shades:

My Hairdresser
Blue Black
My Hairdresser
Dark Brown
My Hairdresser

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You'd look incredible in the Plummy Yummy Perfection

We're swooning for the break-out shades of the season: Plum. They're full of flavour, dark and mysterious with a modern velvet finish and fill the Hair with loud, extravagant reflects. For impact, settle on a single pigment Plum shade, when volume and contouring is priority, enhance your Colour with a double pigment Plum.

Colour tips: These Colours get more effect off a Lightened or Natural base. If you don't want the full Plum indulgence, tone it down by mixing with a Natural Colour.

Try these shades:

My Hairdresser
Deep Plum Red
My Hairdresser
Deep Chocolate Plum
My Hairdresser
Pure Plum

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You'd look stunning in Radiant Warmth

Look like you've just returned from a winter hiatus spent on the shores of the European coastline, basking in the sun and sea. Counter the cold by turning up the heat, arousing your Hair and complexion out of hibernation with a dazzling dose of energising Bronzed hues and sun-kissed glowing Golden tones. Sweep away dullness and embrace the gorgeous gleaming Tones of revitalising Warming shades and their varying glistening Gold hues and volumising Chocolate tones.

Colour tips: For a subtle Warmth, mix with a Natural shade to dilute the intensity. For more Warmth, consider a Copper Shade.

Try these shades:

My Hairdresser
Golden Brown
My Hairdresser
Chocolate Brunette
My Hairdresser
Chocolate Blonde

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You'd look gorgeous as an Ice Cold Blonde

You love your Colour polished and your pigments poised. Perfect your Blonde with the purest of crisp, Cooled Tones. Platinum shades are the centrepiece for this seasons extravagance. Take your Blonde Lighter, ditching highlights for an all over single, superpower shade. When your love language is a solid super icy Blonde, ensure it is one that nurtures as you lighten, protecting your Hair with conditioning ingredients and intense Cooling reflects.

Colour tips: This is the work of Highlift Blondes, ensure you have a strong enough Developer to achieve the Colour result.

Try these shades:

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