High Lifts are the perfectly Toned, Bleach Free Platinum Blonde you’ve been searching for


Platinum Blondes are commonly associated with Bleach, Yellow and broken Hair — it paints a grim picture doesn’t it? But have you ever heard of High Lift Blondes? No? Oh just you wait, these Platinum Blonde Hair Colours are a complete game changer with just four words — BLEACH. FREE. PLATINUM. BLONDE. Sound good? Keep reading to discover these miracle Hair Colours.

What is a Highlift Hair Colour?

High Lifts are Extra Light Blonde Hair Colour Shades that go beyond the Lightest, Blonde Hair Colour and into the Platinum Blonde Colouring realm — so, in short, they are extremely Light Platinum Blonde Hair Colours.

Why are Highlift Blondes different from other Blondes?

High Lift Blondes are unique because they are formulated with exceptional Lightening abilities, not available in a typical Blonde, while also having 2 extra standout features:

They have an ultra-conditioning, hydrating Colour base that keeps your Hair protected.
Each Highlift Blonde features a Cool pigment to protect your Blonde from brassiness, ensuring your Hair is smooth and Toned.

Highlift Blondes vs Bleach

High Lifts were created as an escape from Bleach and it’s destruction. Bleach strips your Hair of all it’s Natural pigment, leading to yellowed Hair in need of a Tone and a pigment refill. In contrast, High Lift Blondes have a Cool pigment that is injected into the Hair while Lightening to Tone and condition the Hair in one single process, leaving your Hair feeling as smooth and silky as it looks.

There are 3 High Lift Blonde Colours

901 Extra Light Ash Blonde

Is the classic, bombshell Blonde with a sleek Ash pigment that Cool down any Warmth into a clean, Light and airy Blonde. See In Store ››

902 Extra Light Beige Blonde

902 has the softest Colour pigment and Toning ability of the High Lifts, giving you a creamy, pearly Blonde shine — perfect if you don’t want a matte Platinum Blonde. See In Store ››

908 Extra Light Silver Blonde

908 will give your Hair the ultimate Tone, smoothing your Hair Colour into a crisp Platinum Silver Blonde. We recommend 908 for anyone who finds they throw a lot of Warmth and needs an extra soothing Toner. See In Store ››

Colouring with High Lifts

Is different to Colouring with other Hair Colours because of their specialised Colour formula. Adjust your Colour and Developer ratio to 1 Part Hair Colour with 2 Parts Developer (e.g. 60ml x 901 Extra Light Ash Blonde + 120ml 40 Volume Developer) and allow your Colour to develop for 45 minutes for the best Colour coverage.

Like every other Hair Colour, High Lifts will only Lighten Natural Hair, that is free from Colour Products. In case you were wondering, yes, High Lifts can be used as a Toner using 1 Part Hair Colour with 1.5 Parts No Lift Developer (e.g. 60ml x 901 Extra Light Ash Blonde + 90ml 40 Volume Developer). Leave on the Hair until you've reached your desired Tone or no longer than 20 minutes.

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