Glass Hair is the greatest Hair trend and it’s so simple to replicate!

Say hello to super sleek and shiny Hair.

Have you heard the talk about Glass Hair?

Imagine a Hair Colour that is so smooth, so sleek, so polished that it looks like your Hair is full of teeny tiny little mirrors that reflect Light with every movement, giving you an ultra shiny Hair Colour. That is a Glass Hair Colour.

(Hint: If you think this sounds like a description of the Colour in the Naturals Range, keep reading and you’ll see you’re right.)

Even though a quick google of Glass Hair can lead to a big gulp and thoughts of impossibility because it-looks-so-perfect, the Glass Hair Colour style execution is easier than you’d think just requiring a few tweaks to your Hair Colour to refine it into this suave style.

The foundation of a Glass Hair Colour sits on the Hair cut — a chopped, blunt BOB or LOB to be precise, while the Glass Hair Colour structure is built by Colouring with a single pigment Brunette or Blonde Shade because no other Shade will give you the same sleek high shine Hair Colour you’re looking for. Natural Blondes and Brunettes are the best Shades because they have the simple glossy, glaze pigment that reflects Light like no other Colour can.

Then, when it comes to styling, keep it simple with a middle part and magnificently straight, using a serum of your choice to deal with flyaways.

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