How To Remove Hair Colour Without Bleach Or Causing Damage

The days of expensive salon colour corrections and spending months trying to rebuild your Hair health are long gone.

Have you ever dreamed of having a particular Hair Colour? Visualised your new life with it? Imagined all the compliments your friends and family would shower you with? Envisaged the look on your face when a stranger stops you on the street to say how they admired it from afar?

And then you did it and to your shock, that Colour — that Hair Colour you have fantasised over — doesn’t suit you? Cue the panic and the questions: what am I going to do? How can I fix this? Can I ever leave the house again?

Colour mistakes happen, Colours lose their shine, our tastes change, suddenly our favourite shade doesn’t suit us anymore - it’s not the end of the world. The days of expensive and arduous salon colour corrections and spending months trying to rebuild your Hair health that bleach took away are long gone. Thankfully, Hair Colour technology has come a long way.

Meet Colour Remover — a bleach and damage-free alternative to removing Permanent Hair Colour. Never again do you have to suffer brittle and broken Hair as a result of bleach. The science of Colour Remover is designed around minimal damage. As if by magic, Colour Remover swiftly and harmlessly opens up each Hair shaft and, like a magnet, collects all the artificial pigment in the Hair so it dissolves and washes away, leaving the natural pigment completely unaffected. All that, in 20 minutes. And as you’d imagine from a formula without bleach, Colour Remover relives Hair of heavy pigment leaving it feeling healthier and softer than before.

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Colour Remover Tips

Colour Remover can only remove permanent Hair Colour pigment, it cannot remove bleached or lightened Hair.
Darker and poor quality Hair Colours will take longer to remove.
Up to 2 Colour Remover applications can be done per day.
Colour Remover can help budge Colour Build Up and reduces Colour Banding.
Use regularly to maintain Hair health.
Wait at least 48 hours until Colouring, the longer you wait the better.

Colour Remover Application

Once mixed, apply Colour Remover as quickly as possible to Hair. Use the Applicator Bottle for easy mixing and a swift application.
Only apply your Colour Remover mixture to Coloured Hair.
Once applied, wrap Hair in cling wrap or a shower cap to get the best processing outcome.
Do not leave on Hair for longer than 20 minutes.
Wash Hair well and condition as normal.

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