What Effects Colour Remover?

The Permanent Hair Colour you are trying to remove.

Black, Brunette and Red Hair Colours are harder to remove and may need a few Colour Remover processes.

The Developer you have previously used.

Hair Colours that were used with a No Lift or 20 Volume Developer may be harder to remove. Box Colours or supermarket Colours can also be stubborn to remove and may need a few Colour Remover processes.

How long you have been Colouring your Hair.

The longer, and more applications of Colour you have applied, the more applications of Colour Remover you will need because of your Colour Build Up. Colour Build Up requires a few applications of Colour Remover to clean out and refresh Hair of old pigment. 

Your shampoo and conditioner.

Colour lock shampoos and conditioner can stop Colour Remover from working. If you are currently using any of these products, stop use immediately and wash your Hair with a regular shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks before your Colour Remove. 

What can’t Colour Remover remove?

Colour Remover will only remove Permanent Hair Colour that is Darker than your Natural Hair Colour. Colour Remover cannot remove Lightened Hair. Colour Remover will not remove Semi Permanent Hair Colour, Henna Colour or Natural Greys.

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