Unlock the Secrets of Achieving A Stunning Hazelnut Blonde

Prepare for a Hair transformation with our Warming Hazelnut Blonde revelation.

We’re cracking a new Colour mixer after seeing it on Gigi Hadid who has recently upped the ante by covering her previous Light Blonde with a new smooth and glossy Hazelnut Blonde.

Photo: Tumblr

Hazelnut Blonde is a darker, nonchalant shade of Medium Blonde that is fairly Neutral. It has slight glimmers of Gold that lacquer over the top of the Hair making it nice and shiny, taking a Colour from ordinary to incredible. It can be worn with a 90’s grunge or a jacked up version of a plain Jane or a high fashion smoothed out hue. It is what you make it.

We recently used the Hazelnut Blonde to update a worn out Blonde that desperately needed some depth added back into the Colour. It worked a treat adding gloss and shine back into the Colour, leaving the Hair looking so much healthier with the reintroduction of Depth and Warmth. Its double benefit is that the Colour is low maintenance.

How do you make a Hazelnut Blonde?

We need that mix of a simple Natural Medium Blonde for the glossiness, blended with silky Golden hues to Warm up the Colour and add those Light reflecting Tones that adds shine and dimension to the Hair.

1/2 x 7 Medium Blonde + 1/2 x 7.3 Golden Blonde.

My Hairdresser
Hazelnut Blonde

If you want to upgrade your Colour from a previously Lightened Blonde, use a No Lift Developer.
If you are already close to this Colour, use a 20 Volume Developer.
If you are a Brunette wanting to join the Lighter side, use 30 Volume Developer or 40 Volume Developer to Lighten your Hair.

Who does the Hazelnut Blonde suit?

Those of you with Warm or Neutral Skin Undertones, the Hazelnut Blonde is for you.

Are you trying the Hazelnut Blonde or have you already done it? Send us a picture (if possible a before and after) now so we can feature your Colour!

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