How To Get Back To Your Natural Hair Colour

Ready to go back to the beginning? Here's how to get back to a smooth, Natural Colour.

Are you craving to have your Natural Hair Colour back? Do you miss the simplicity? Are you just needing a change? When the feeling comes over you, there is little you can do to resist — so stop. Getting back to your Natural shade is a different process for everyone, so we've outlined the most common Colour situations and the plan we recommend.

Find the starting point that best describes your Hair.

I have Hair Coloured with a Darker Shade.

This means you have been Colouring with a shade darker than your Natural. That can be a Dark Blonde, Brunette, Red, Copper etc. Be sure to do a deep clean of your Hair using Colour Remover to purge the pigment out. A big mistake people make is using bleach. Colour Remover cleans out pigment, while still protecting your Hair shaft and its Natural pigment. Bleach strips everything from your Hair and is incredibly damaging.

Before you begin Colour Removing, here are some key things to consider:

How long have you been using this Colour for? Could you have Colour Build Up?

Continuous applications of Colour on top of Colour will create Colour Build Up, requiring a little more TLC in the form of multiple applications. This is fine and totally normal, and your Hair health will benefit greatly from getting a deep clean.

Were you using a Deep Brunette, Red shade or a Colour with Red pigment?

These shades can be stubborn to remove and, like Colour Build Up, will most likely need a couple of applications to fully clean them out of your Hair.

What Colour did you Colour over?

Was it pre-lightened Hair? Your Natural? More than 50% greys? After Colour Removing the Colour you will go back to will be different. If you had more than 50% greys or pre-lightened Hair underneath the Darker shade you are Colour Removing, your Hair will be lighter than your Natural regrowth with a golden tinge.

What do I do next after a successful Colour Remove?

Now your Hair is cleaned and looking happier and feeling refreshed, you will be back to your Natural Shade with some added Warmth. Rejoice! Brassiness is a sign of a successful Colour Removing result. Rest your Hair for at least 48 hours as it will be very porous. Cool your brassy, Colour Removed ends with a Toner Kit. Light to Dark Blondes work best with the Light Ash Toner Kit, Brunettes benefit from using the Dark Ash Toner Kit to Tone.  

What about my Greys?

When you have around 50% Grey Hair, find the Natural Shade closest to your Regrowth. Mix with 20 Volume Developer and apply your mixture to your root area. Slightly stagger your mixture over the line where your roots and ends meet. Then, during the last 20 minutes of your Colour development time, apply your Toner Kit to your ends. Use your Wide Tooth Comb to comb your Colour and Toner mixture from your roots to ends for a perfect blend.

When you are 100% Grey, your Colour Removed Hair will appear more like a Golden Blonde. Apply the Light Ash Toner Kit mixture to your Colour Removed Hair first, then spreading over your Grey regrowth closely watching your Hair. Wash it once you’ve reached your desired tone. This will cool your Hair and blend with your Natural Grey roots. 

I have Lightened Hair.

When your Natural Hair has been lightened with bleach, highlights or a lighter shade — hit rewind and go back to the beginning with a Natural shade.

Before you begin Colouring, here are some key things to consider:

How much lighter is your Hair to your regrowth?

If your lightened Hair is 3 or more shades Lighter than your Natural Colour a Colour filler is essential to build pigment back into your Hair so the two Colours can connect and transform into one smooth, even shade. Here is how you choose your Colour filler and how to apply it.

If you're Colouring Hair that is only 1-2 shades lighter.

Find the Natural Hair Colour Shade that matches your Natural Regrowth and mix with No Lift Developer. When applying your Colour, keep your mixture to your Lightened Hair slightly staggering the mixture over your Regrowth line where the two Colours meet. This will help create a subtle blend and smooth shade. During the final 20 minutes of your development time, use your Wide Tooth Comb and comb your Hair from roots to ends.

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