Basic Brown is boring. Try this Colour instead.

Time to spruce up that basic, boring Brown Hair Colour with our latest Colour mixer.

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There are great mysteries in this world. Big foot, Lochness, area 54, but one continues to elude me. Why does one sentence themselves to a life of boring, dull Hair? No character, no shine. Nothing. Sometimes you can see it in people's faces, it brings them down.

Hair Colour isn’t just about vanity. A great Colour can shape your face, bring out your eyes and highlight your best features. It can make your skin glow, without being an extreme Colour that is so far from your comfort zone you can’t look back at people when they admire your new look.

With that in mind, we were inspired by the world around us - runways, magazines, social media - and developed a Colour mixer to spruce up that basic, boring Brown and give your Hair a Cool, smoky update that enhances your Colour, rather than completely change it, called the Cool Light Brown.

The Cool Light Brown is on trend, it's shiny, it has life and character. We’re aiming for a smoky, muted Light Brown shade that is called a Light Brown but is basically a Dark Blonde. Its primary base is a Light Brown to Natural Medium Blonde, with a primary reflect/pigment of Ash. We need the Ash for that strong, Cool reflect that gives your Colour some spirit.

Does it suit me?

This hue is made for those with Cool Skin Undertones (Read our post on How to choose the right Hair Colour for your skin Tone). So if your Natural Colour is similar or your Natural mousy Colour is drab and needs a pick me up, you will rock this look. Oh and those of your with Hazel, Grey or Blue eyes - this Colour will make them P-O-P.

How to get the Colour

This Light Brown flavour is easily tailored to suit each individual palette and best achieved through mixing an Ash Colour with a Natural. We like our options with these 3 mixers.

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Light, Light Ash Brown

Choose this Colour for a Lighter variation, while still keeping with strong Ash hues. It’s a great Colour if your Natural is already around this Lightness or a shade Lighter, and you’re looking to add Depth and Cool Tones.

Mixture: 7.1 Ash Blonde

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Light Ash Brown

Mix 6 Dark Blonde with 7.1 Ash Blonde for a Dark, Ash Blonde with Light smoky Brown hues.

Mixture: 1/2 x 6 Dark Blonde + 1/2 x 7.1 Ash Blonde

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Ash Brown

If you are looking for a deeper Colour, mix 7.1 Ash Blonde with 5 Light Brown. The 7.1 will give the Ash hit and the 5 brings the Natural, darker Colour. Combined, this is a true Light Ash Brown.

Mixture: 1/2 x 7.1 Ash Blonde + 1/2 x 5 Light Brown

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