How to Build Your Perfect Hair Colour Regime

This home Hair Colouring regime proves doing-it-yourself is easier than you think. 

Regrowth touch-ups, Colour transformations, Toning — whatever the reason you Colour, the perfect Hair Colour regime all starts the same. Being the captain of your ship may start as daunting, but once you’ve created an unshakable foundation (outlined below) achieving beautiful Hair (all in the comfort of your own home) is easier than you think. 

1. Clean is Queen

No, we aren’t talking about shampooed locks, cleansed Hair is free from Colour Build Up, Banding and excessive pigment. Clogged Hair is the main culprit for lack of shine, dull, uneven Hair Colour and can stop your Colour processing entirely. Hair weighed down in pigment will continue to be unhealthy until it is cut off or cleansed. Doing a deep clean is beneficial to your Hairs health, shine and texture purifying it from the heavy pigment weighing it down. In my opinion, it is essential for any regular Colourer and couldn’t be easier with Colour Remover. In 20 minutes, Colour Remover is incredibly effective at breaking down built-up pigment in the Hair shaft, washing it away while leaving your Hair health intact. 


2. Cover in Colour

While everyone's Colouring goals differ, one major fact does not — your Colouring mixture will contain two parts: Colour and Developer. While your Hair Colour dictates your shades characteristics — lightness, hue and reflect — your Developer determines just how light your Hair Colour can be. When applying your Colour, a little strategy can go a long way. If regular Regrowth touchups are what you are after, begin painting your Regrowth area, stopping before you reach your Coloured Hair, thus minimising Colour Build Up. Refreshing your vibrancy through your ends is simple with the Colour Top Up Technique, replenishing your Colour and shine without bloating your Hair. Hang on, before embarking on a whole new Colour transformation, a Colour filler may be on the cards. Chances are, if you have been lightening your Hair, a Colour filler will be essential to reinstate the pigment lost to ensure a smooth, even Colour. 



3. Protect and Care

From wash and wear, sun and swimming, shampoo and styling — day to day, your Hair will go through a lot putting a strain on your Hair Colour. Maintain your Colour radiance using the Colour Top Up Technique to blend your fresh Regrowth into newly boosted ends of your Hair. When warmth is an issue, the Toner Kit is the first line of defence to correct brassiness and shield your shade from further Warmth. Toning is a must in your Colouring routine, our unique Toning formula is often referred to as the gold standard, penetrating Hair with cooling pigments promoting hyper-shine-hues and ultra, glossy tones, with the resilience needed for longer-lasting results. To go one step further, find the perfect Toner Kit catered to your Colouring needs.




4. Added Extras

Once the basics are covered, your pro-tools will take your Colouring results to the next level. The most effective addition, covering a plethora of processes, is the Tint Bowl and Brush Set. The best at-home Colouring is achieved with expert-approved tools and this one is taken straight from the salon. Don’t neglect your ends, using the Applicator Bottle to easily squeeze product through your ends, applying your mixture directly to the areas of concern with its fine tip point. Investing in a Wide Tooth Comb to blend product through your ends, appropriately smothering Hair in your mixture ensures the best product coverage and results. Capes are the cherry on top, the final piece of the home-salon puzzle, and possibly the best clothes saving investment.

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