Unveiling 3 Bold New Hair Colours To Elevate Your Look

Elevate your vibe with these 3 new bold hues for a radiant Colour transformation

It's cocktail season and you know we at My Hairdresser HQ are always playing around with new hues, it's a favourite thing of ours to do because the inspiration never stops. We are obviously influenced by the Colour trends but we pull a lot of inspiration from you and the conversations we have through the Colour Consultant line.

Our last range of Colour Cocktails, the Mushroom Blonde, came from so many of you looking for that Cool Ash Medium Blonde that was just right, also known as a Taylor Swift Blonde we all wanted.

Now we're inspired by your requests all over again. After our launch of 5.11 Intense Ash Brown earlier this year, we knew the Colour Cocktail flood gates would open once more. We have been overwhelmed by your love and appreciation for 5.11 Intense Ash Brown and it didn't take long until we started mixing it in with other shades. And then we have begun to receive requests to make tweaks to current Colour Cocktails to add a little more Golden here or subdue the intensity there. And so we come to our 3 latest Hair Colours — the Cowgirl Copper, Intense Dark Ash Blonde and Deep Rose Gold.

Introducing the Cowgirl Copper

Step into the heart of the wild west with our Cowgirl Copper—where the scent of rich leather mingles with the Golden hues of straw. This Colour trend ignites a passion for Copper that runs deep in our veins. Unlike its bolder counterparts, the Cowgirl Copper blend dances with a captivating subtlety.

Picture a Medium Blonde canvas seamlessly weaving the subtle infusion of deep Copper pigments. The result? A mesmerising Copper leather Shade, calmer and more understated than an Amber Blonde or Strawberry Blonde that captures the essence of sophistication with its absence of Gold, offering a refined take on the timeless allure of Copper hues. Saddle up for a journey into the Warm embrace of Cowgirl Copper—where tradition meets contemporary elegance.

Base Notes: Medium Natural Blonde, wet sandy Tones.
Secondary Reflect:: rich Auburn Copper Undertones, rusty Red Light catching Copper hues.
Usage: The Cowboy Copper is beautiful over a previously Lightened Medium to Light Blonde that wants to be brought back to life. Great to switch up from your usual Copper when you want less intensity in your Colour.

My Hairdresser

Introducing the Intense Dark Ash Blonde

Indulge in the allure of Cool sophistication with our Intense Dark Ash Blonde, a shade crafter for those who crave the captivating Cool factor. When your heart yearns for the icy embrace of sleek Ash hues and your locks throw a radiant Golden Warmth, this is the shade that effortlessly steps up to the challenge.

It's more than a brilliant Colour; it's a purposeful infusion of depth and soothing intensity. For those who find the 7.1 Ash Blonde a touch too Light, the 5.11 Intense Ash Brown a tad too Dark, and the 6.2 Dark Beige Blonde just not Cool enough, meet your perfect match. We've meticulously blended Silvery Ash hues into a Dark Blonde/Light Brown masterpiece that exudes an icy, frozen Coolness.

Our triple threat of Ash Pigment ensures that this shade is your go-to for achieving the sleekest, chicest Ash look imaginable. Say goodbye to compromises and hello to the Intense Dark Ash Blonde—your ticket to turning even the most divine locks into a statement of cool elegance.

Base Notes: Dark Blonde base that is Cool and Neutral.
Secondary Reflect:: Ash, Ash and more Ash. These hyper cooling Ash pigments give a monochromatic, Silvery reflect.
Usage: The Intense Dark Ash Blonde is perfect to Cool and Tone or to achieve a very Ashy Hair Colour. Beautiful over a brassy Medium Dark Blonde, great to get a crisp Colour.

My Hairdresser
Intense Dark
Ash Blonde

Introducing the Deep Rose Gold

Born from the dance of illuminated Violet hues, the Deep Rose Gold iteration takes rose gold to new heights. When you crave a Rose Gold with a profound richness, one that emanates strength with Intense Violet pigments, look no further. Picture a symphony of vibrant Pink and Purple hues, artfully balanced with Golden Blonde Undertones, creating a captivating interplay of Light and sparkle.

This concoction of Violet Red and Light Golden Tones is the epitome of a delicious Cocktail, delivering a soothing water-Coloured Red that's both bold and intriguing. Unlike its Golden counterpart, this extraordinary hue introduces a touch of Pinky Purple, elevating it to new heights of fascination.

Immerse yourself in the world of sugar Plums, lavender fields at Golden hour, and enjoy the festive vibes with a Colour that mirrors the essence of a pomegranate spritz or plum margarita. The Deep Rose Gold is where opulence meets innovation, and your Hair becomes a canvas for a celebration of Colour that's as extraordinary as you are.

Base Notes: Plum Violet Medium Blonde hues that are rich and indulgent.
Secondary Reflect:: Golden, Pink hues and Pink and lavender Undertones.
Usage: The Deep Rose Gold is beautiful over an already Lightened Blonde to achieve a Pinkish hued Hair Colour. Great to add a pop of Colour without intensity or as an option for a deeper Rose Shade with fuller Violet pigment.

My Hairdresser
Deep Rose

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