The Cowboy Copper Is The Perfect Blend Of Radiance In A Pared-Back Copper Tone

Explore the captivating charm of Cowboy Copper, a fusion of brilliance and subtle sophistication.

There are two types of Copper lovers: those who adore their Copper Undertones in a grand, bright fashion, brimming with Coppered flair; and others who prefer a slightly subdued intensity, allowing them to savour the flavour of Copper but prefer their Shade to be a little less maintenance. The Cowboy Copper is for the second type of Copper lover.

The Cowboy Copper has a lot in common with our other shades — the Peach Blonde and Amber Blonde — because of their muted style, but the Cowboy Copper takes things a little further, subduing intensity with a calming dose of Natural Undertones for a pared-back Hair Colour.

Ideally, the Cowboy Copper should lean less on Golden Undertones and more on a Natural base to impart a lovely leather Tone to the Copper. This gives it the versatility to be a suitable option for Warm and Cool Skin tones. Due to its lower intensity, Cowboy Copper emerges as an ideal Shade for Summer, because it won't experience a dramatic fade when exposed to the Colour-zapping intensity of the sun, swimming, and Hair washing.

Now that we've explored the enchanting qualities of Cowboy Copper, let's delve into the captivating world of its Colour variations. From subtle shifts to bolder expressions, each variation adds its unique flair to this timeless shade.

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The Cowgirl Copper

Our latest Colour Cocktail, the Cowgirl Copper, is the epitome of this Colour craze. It combines rich, leather hues with Undertones of Copper, achieving a smooth, balanced elegance accentuated by Natural Tones. Beautiful.

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The Cowgirl Brunette

If you adore the Cowgirl Copper but desire more depth, try mixing 1/2 part 6.4 Dark Copper Blonde and 1/2 part 5 Light Brown. This Colour Cocktail imparts russet hues without introducing Gold or Red tones, achieving the perfect balance for a divine Brunette Copper Shade.

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Light Brown
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Dark Copper Blonde

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The Peach Blonde

If you're all about the Cowboy Copper craze but a Lighter Shade is more your style, the Peach Blonde is the best choice for your pop of Colour. The pastel Peach hues have all the qualities you want from the on trend Colour, mixing Copper with a Natural Tone for a softer Shade.

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While it doesn't take much convincing to understand why Cowboy Copper is currently enjoying its moment in the spotlight, if you find yourself enamoured with this hue yet yearning for a bit more Copper intensity, consider these Copper Hair Colour options (Chestnut Brunette, Dark Toffee Blonde, Strawberry Blonde and Amber Blonde) for achieving the perfect Cowboy Copper glow during the Golden hour.

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Dark Toffee
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