Hair 101: How to Find The Best Brunette For Your Skin Tone

How to find the perfect Brunette Shade that will enhance your Hair and complexion.

If you asked me which Brunette Shade is my favourite, I would say without hesitation 5.53 Golden Blonde. If we continued talking about Brunettes, however, my mind would change to 5 Light Brown then Dark Ash Blonde probably to 5.3 Golden Brown, finally settling on 3 Dark Brown because I just love how that Colour shines.

Which of those Colours suit me, is a different story. I like to think that I have a neutral skin tone — meaning that I could suit any Colours — but I know deep down, I’m more of a cool skinned human. How about you?

There's a perfect Brunette for everyone, we just need to choose the one that suits our skin tones because the rest of the hard work is done for us. With a Brunette range carefully created with a light-weight, full coverage Colour formula, that covers your Hair without drowning it in heavy pigment, there has never been a greater time to use any of these Hair Colours.

All you need to do is choose which Shade is the one. First up, discover which of the Hair Colours below is the perfect match for your skin tone.

Oh and a hot tip: If you’re unsure about two Colours, choose the lighter one — you can always go darker later.

Natural Brunettes

These classic Colours are made up of strictly au-Naturale pigments. That means no extra cool or warm reflect, just pure, solid single pigments that create an extremely glassy Hair Colour. These Natural Brunette Shades are the enemy of dullness, boosting Hair with a fresh dose of Colour and a luminous, glossy shine.

Suits: All Skintones. Natural Shades are all-rounders and universally flattering.

Choose Colours like:

6 Dark Blonde

Sitting in between a Dark Blonde and Light Brown, 6 Dark Blonde has just enough depth and transformative energy, making it a perfect Brunette starting point.

5 Light Brown

This is your all-round classic Brunette. Not too light but deep enough, 5’s effortless pillowy Brunette hues enhance Hair with pure, glossy Brunette perfection.

Natural Brunette

Finding a Brunette with the perfect amount of depth can be tricky, so we created the Natural Brunette. With sheer Brunette hues and just the right amount of moodiness, the Natural Brunette offers a Medium Brunette alternative with a high-gloss finish.

3 Dark Brown

This is what dreams are made of. Extremely Dark and extraordinarily shiny, 3’s bold Brunette pigments make each strand of Hair look like they are covered in a million mini mirrors that shine shine shine.

Cool Brunettes

It doesn’t matter whether you are choosing a Cool Brunette to help calm the nasty brassies or for their extraordinary hues — these lustrous Colour finishes range from crisp to velvety smooth or abound in flamboyant hues that all keep the Hair enriched with fresh Colour pigment.

Suits: Cool Skin Tones. Easily identified by your Blue veins or if a Blue or Pale Pink wardrobe suits you.

Choose Colours like:

6.2 Dark Beige Blonde

A beautifully balanced combination of Natural and cool, creamy Beige pigment, reveals a Hair Colour boasting in deep pearly Blonde tones and a stunning light-reflecting finish.

Dark Ash Blonde

Created for its incredible toning abilities, the DAB is a unique Colour creation designed to bring depth and toning control to the Colour for a sleek, smokey Brunette shade.

5.52 Deep Chocolate Plum

Not all Cool Colours need to have a heavy Ash or Beige feature. These Chocolate Plum hues give you the richness of Chocolate that you’d expect in a Warm Colour with a spirited dose of Cool, deep berried tones. Surprise! These multi-dimensional, light-reflecting pigments add volume and dimension to your Colour.

Ebony Brown

When you are searching for a Hair Colour as dark as midnight, the Ebony Brown has all the depth and drama you could ever want. With almost-jet-Black hues that are enriched with crisp Blue reflects, this Hair Colour is so stark and Dark, its mirror-like-shine is like no other.

Warm Brunettes

Often easily recognised as Bronzed, these radiant Brunette shades enlighten Hair with powerhouse plumping pigments that create movement through your Hair Colour. Why does that matter? Dimension and movement are all key cornerstones to a Hair Colour full of volume and these brightening Brunettes do just that while ensuring your Hair Colour or complexion never looks sombre or washed out again.

Suits: Warm Skin Tones. Easily identified by your Green veins or if Orange and Reds suit you.

Choose Colours like:

Milk Chocolate

A subdued twist of a classic Colour, the Milk Chocolate might just be the perfect bronzed blend. These glowing Chocolate tones go a long way, bringing a rich Warmth that softly sparkles through this dewy Brunette Hair Colour.

5.3 Golden Brown

Marrying Brunette and bronzed pigments, the 5.3 will have you looking like you’re fresh from holiday. With pure Golden pigments that light up the Hair with a healthy sun-kissed glow, these brightening Brunette tones boost both your Hair and skin tone.

5.53 Chocolate Brown

Enriched with a concentrated mix of Mahogany Golden pigments, these head-turning hues fill your Hair with sublimely rich Brunette hues. With a glow that keeps on glowing, this super-power shade adds a Brunette bounce thanks to its light-reflecting hues that keep your Colour looking full and plump.

Burgundy Brunette

Entwined in velvety Red Warmth and smooth Light Brown Tones the Burgundy Brunette is like your favourite glass of red, brimming with subtle Burgundy accents that glisten through the Hair.

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