Hair 101: A First Timers Guide to Colouring your Hair at Home

It's all about knowing what to do with what you've got.

A new customer once wrote to us saying “I have made the decision to take back control of my Hair Colour, but I have no idea where to start. Consider me on training wheels and I need your help to get me riding two wheels.”

And just like learning to ride a bike, Colouring your Hair is another skill set to build and develop.

So to help you get rid of your training wheels and balancing on a big bike, we’re preparing to take our hands off your steering wheels one at a time until your waving back at us and start by saying, becoming a better Colourer is knowing how to assess your Hair situation and which Colouring application is right for you.

I am starting fresh with a new Colour.

Find the Hair Colour and Developer you want and apply your Colour all over your Hair.

I want to match the Colour I currently have or I need to Colour my Regrowth and the refresh the rest of my Hair Colour.

Find the My Hairdresser Colour that is closest to your Hair Colour. Then follow the Colour Top Up Technique by applying the Colour to your Regrowth first, leaving some left over mixture and during the final 10 minutes of processing use your left over Colour mixture to cover your ends to blend your Colour.

Tip: Don’t just throw the Colour all over your Hair all at once as you will be left with an uneven Hair Colour, with vibrant Regrowth and dull ends.

I just need to Colour my Regrowth.

Don’t over think it. Apply your Colour to your Regrowth. Don’t Colour your full head every time you Colour, this will cause Colour Build Up.

I want to cover my Grey’s.

All our Colours cover 100% of Greys but our Naturals Range have been designed specifically for smooth Grey coverage. When you have more than 50% Grey Hair, we recommend only one Developer - 20 Volume Developer for the best coverage.

Use the same Colouring rules as above that best suit your Colouring needs.

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I have Hair Colour in my Hair and now I want to Lighten it.

You cannot Lighten Hair that is currently Coloured, you need to remove your Hair Colour first.
If your Hair is Coloured with a Permanent Hair Colour, use Colour Remover to fully remove it from your Hair.

If your Hair is Coloured with a Semi Permanent Hair Colour wait until it has fully washed out before Colouring.
If you have Coloured with Henna wait until it has grown out before Colouring.

Once you have removed your existing Colour, you can proceed to Lightening your Hair.

And then before you start Colouring, follow the next 5 steps. They’re pretty important and will make the job easier.

1. Make sure you have enough Colour and Developer to completely cover your Hair.
Reminder: When Colouring Short Hair / Regrowth use 1 x Colour and 1 x Developer.
When Colouring Long / Thick Hair use 2 x Colour and 2 x Developer.

2. Follow the Instructions.

3. Section your Hair for an even and detailed Colour application that also keeps your Colouring tidy.

4. Apply your Colour mixture with a Tint Bowl and Brush or Applicator bottle.

5. For the best combined Colour mixture, squeeze your Colour into your Tint Bowl first and stir into a smooth consistency. Then add your Developer and stir until you’ve reached a thick, creamy mixture.

Just remember, it always seems impossible until it's done.

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