Ask My Hairdresser: How Do I Go Grey Without The Awkward Colour Grow Out?

Unlock the secrets to gracefully transitioning from Coloured to Natural Grey Hair without the awkward phase of Colour grow-out.

Tiring of the battle to cover your Grey Hair? Have you finally reached the point where you're ready to move away from continuous Colouring? You're not alone. Our Colour Consultant team has observed a significant uptick in a particular question that many share—how can I elegantly embrace my Natural Grey Hair and say goodbye to the regular hassle of Colouring for Regrowth?

And we get it, when you’re over it you’re over it but we also understand that doesn’t mean you want a giant band of Grey Regrowth and another band of old Colour through your ends. I am here to tell you that there is a way to transition to Grey Hair without an embarrassing grow out, so you can welcome your greys with open arms. It won’t take months or destroy your Hair, in fact, this process will do the opposite. And, if you ever get to a point during this transformation that you think “I’m not ready for this yet”, no worries — notch it up as a spring clean and start Colouring fresh again. Let’s get started.

Start by determining which path you will need to take based on the products you have been using.

If your Hair is bleached or lit up with highlights, the pigment has already been taken out of your Hair and is irreversible. Use the Gloss Over Technique for a softer blend between your Natural Grey Regrowth and Coloured Hair, restoring your Hairs shine and evening out your Colour tone. Use the Light Ash Toner Kit over your entire Hair for a soft, flush blend that you can continue to use over your Greys if you find your Hair lacks shine.

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Light Ash
Toner Kit

If you've been using Permanent Hair Colour, the first step is to remove it and any Colour Build Up. Focus the Colour Remover on your dyed Hair to clear out the pigment while leaving your natural grey roots untouched where Colour Remover is not needed.

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You might require multiple uses of Colour Remover to remove years of Colour Build Up and thanks to its bleach-free formula, it's possible to do up to 2 applications in one day (just remember to apply your Colour Remover to dry Hair). On a side note, your Hair will feel much healthier and look shinier. Once you've cleared away the Colour Build Up, your Hair might look Warm and Brassy, resembling a Golden Blonde/Brunette rather than Natural Grey. This is the sign we're looking for, it means Colour Remover has done it's job! To address this Warmth, use the Light Ash Toner Kit, just as you would for Brassy Hair Colour.

Apply your Light Ash Toning mixture to your Colour Removed Hair first, then apply it over your Grey Regrowth. Gently comb your Colour mixture from your Regrowth to your ends to create a nice Silvery Ash blend. Keep a close eye on your Hair, washing it once you’ve reached your desired Tone. You may need to Tone every 4-6 weeks to boost shine while keeping your Colour blended and free from Warmth as it grows out.

Tip: This guide is for anyone with 70% or more Grey Hair.

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