Gloss Colour

Resuscitate dull Hair or refresh a faded Colour while adding brilliant shine with a fresh gloss of conditioning Colour pigment.

What is a Gloss Colour?

A refreshing Permanent Hair Colour application, usually a Natural Shade, that saturates Hair in high gloss, high shine pigments that can be applied to Coloured or unColoured Hair.

Boosts Shine

Colour Enhancing


What Are The Benefits Of A Gloss Colour?

Enhance a dull Hair Colour, boost a faded Hair Colour, bring shine and moisture to Natural, unColoured Hair or replenish your current Hair Colour through your ends. Your Hair will look and feel healthier, shinier and bolsted by a fresh gloss of Colour pigment.

What Can't A Gloss Colour Do?

A Gloss Colour Won't Give You 100% Grey Coverage

A Gloss Colour Won't Lighten Your Hair