Ask MYHD: How Do I Break Free From Colouring And Embrace My Greys?

After Colouring my Hair Dark Brown for years I'm ready to embrace my Greys. Here's how to transition to Grey Hair, nicely.

Dear My Hairdresser

I have been Colouring my Hair Dark Brown for a long, long time and I’m ready to start embracing my Natural Colour: Grey / White. But I've got a concern: that awkward 'top deck' look. You know what I mean – light on top, dark on the bottom. Who wants that? I'm eager to bid farewell to Colouring. So, how can I make the transition from Dark Hair to fully Grey and embrace this new chapter?

My Hairdresser

Great question! What you want to do is completely possible and achievable in a few steps and we're here to guide you through it step by step to avoid the top deck look.

Step 1

Start by removing your current Hair Colour, paying special attention to your ends as they most likely have decent amounts of Colour Build Up. Use Colour Remover, it’s bleach free and damage free, which means you can do multiple applications in one day (just make sure to apply to dry Hair). Colour Build Up generally requires a few Colour Remover applications to really clean out of the Hair. Make sure you have enough Product to completely cover your Hair.

My Hairdresser
My Hairdresser

Step 2

So you’ve Colour Removed, the Colour is all out, but your stressing because it’s left your Hair super brassy. Don’t stress, celebrate! Brassiness after Colour Removing is a sign it worked and these Orange / Golden Tones are from your previous Colours’ Developer that like to stick around in the Hair.
We recommend the next step is to Tone. I know you said you want to stop Colouring, but Toning will give you one smooth Colour transition and not leave you with strips of Hair Colour. Our choice is a Light Ash Toner Kit, benefiting from the Cool Silvery Undertones to Cool down the Warmth, so your Colour will blend seamlessly with your Natural Regrowth. Apply your Light Ash Toner to your ends first.

My Hairdresser
Light Ash
Toner Kit
My Hairdresser
Wide Tooth

If you’re Grey/White needs a little extra help or you want a soft transition, consider using a Cool Shade from our High Lift Range, mixed with a 20 Volume Developerto achieve the perfect look.

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