3 Luxurious Brunette Shades To Copy at Home

It's Brunette season, baby!

Synonymous with gloss and effortless ease, Brunettes are the epitome of cool-girl chic you just don't get with other shades. Name another Hair Colour with similar elegance? One, when pampered, emits glassy shine — that is so beautifully simple, it is even easy to upkeep such greatness?

There is luxury in simplicity. No highlights or low lights, zero contouring or complex styling, just an effortless application of a Brunette hue, that when ready only needs a root touchup.

Now is the time to embrace the transformative powers of Brunette and its fresh hit of exquisitely Dark hues and ultra-polished tones. Celebrate the cooler months and care-free Winter lifestyle, when your Colour pigment isn't under the suns attack, with our favourite Brunette inspo that we've Colour matched to our favourite shades.

Photo: Instagram @silkonme

Photo: Instagram @jacquikingswell

3 Dark Brown

A timeless tone as dark midnight filled with buoyant Brunette pigments and a diamond shine.

My Hairdresser
Dark Brown

Photo: Instagram @kylerichards18

Photo: Instagram @krisjenner

5 Light Brown

Beautifully crafted with pure Natural Brunette pigments, 5 Light Browns hues enrich Hair with soft, pillowy tones.

My Hairdresser
Light Brown

Photo: Instagram @katy

Photo: Instagram @tahnee711

Natural Brunette

This blended Brunette ensemble is the perfect combination of depth, tone and stunning shine.

My Hairdresser
Natural Brunette

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